What is Trello Gold? Professional Advantages of Subscribing to Trello

Subscribing to Trello Gold can be an excellent idea if you have already been using the platform and You encountered certain limitations in the free version. Since, if you are a business person, or with a work team in charge, you are going to need all the facilities it offers.

Trello Gold: the Premium version of the platform

Trello is a web tool that was born relatively young, and that has captivated many people by level of organization. As you may have already noticed, the same allows you to create boards where you can post tasks, reminders, time assignments, among others.

But, it also has other really useful functionalities that greatly facilitate the task of organizing and managing. But, which is only available when you have an active subscription, which you can get after logging in to the platform or from the official page.

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The best thing is, subscribe to Trello Gold it does not represent a too significant expense, since, with an amount of $ 5 per month, you can use it completely. On the other hand, the platform offers you a discount of $ 45 per year, thus saving $ 15, something that comes in handy.

The benefits of subscribing to Trello Gold

Taking the above into account, you can purchase a Trello membership to Get all the exclusive elements of the platform. Many of these can help you on a day-to-day basis and not necessarily at work, but also in housework.

curiosities and benefits of subscription trello gold

Advantages shared with freemium

One of the highlights of the Trello Gold, which is also available in the free version. And it is the number of members or colleagues that you can have associates.

The number of this factor can be unlimited, the same happens with the boards that you can attach to your profile, it also has no limit. Although, these two elements are the only points in common that the Premium and the standard mode have.

Power-Ups for each board

There are really fascinating tools that Trello has, which will allow you, for example, to activate or link a calendar. But, in the version free you can only use one per board, something that is not convenient on certain occasions.

But, by subscribing to Trello Gold, you will have the possibility to include up to three Power-Ups for each of these. This being one of the most relevant characteristics of the platform, and the one that most interests all users. On the other hand, you also have the exclusive tools that Trello only offers when you have successfully acquired the membership.

Personalization with emojis, stickers and background images

This is another feature you can count on when paying for the Trello Premium package. With this, you can customize each of the boards in a quite creative way, placing stickers, emojis or background images outside the platform.

different backgrounds and stickers version trello gold

Having this tool at your disposal will allow you to give a different and entertaining style to your work boards. Something that is often appreciated in certain areas, such as marketing and graphic design agencies.

File upload limit

When you have an account that is not exclusive to the platform, you may encounter problems when uploading or uploading very large files, such as videos. It is something that can limit you enormously depending on the area in which you develop.

Instead, when you manage to subscribe to Trello Gold, you can enjoy a file upload capacity of up to 250 MB at a time. So you don’t have to worry when uploading a sample file or audiovisual product.

Improved automation

In addition, by being an exclusive member of Trello, you will be able to improve the way in which the page, application or platform is navigated. Thanks to the programmed buttons, with which you can access different sites in a smart and much more intuitive way.

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