What Kind of Game is Overwatch? What is it about? Discover All the Details of the Game

Through this guide we will answer the questions What kind of game is Overwatch? What is it about? Discover all the details of the game from the Blizzard company that has positioned itself as one of the best shooters in recent years.

What is Overwatch about?

Overwatch is a First Person Shooter (FPS), that is, a first-person shooter game, in multiplayer mode aimed at young audiences. If you are looking for a kid-friendly FPS game, you can go for some of the best FPS or kill games on Roblox. Overwatch is developed by the company Blizzard Entertainment, known worldwide for the creation of franchises such as Warcraft.

Overwatch was released on May 24, 2016 and from now on it is available on various platforms. You will be able to play Overwatch through your Windows computer, PlayStation 4 Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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As you will see, the game not available for mobile, but there is the possibility of enjoying other titles such as playing portable Counter Strike online, although if you have a computer, you can possibly play Overwatch.

In any case, Overwatch is not your typical shooter game, since as it is known by Blizzard, it is also fantastic aspects are involved. For this reason, each character has special powers and a different way of fighting.

cosplay character overwatch

The special features Of the Overwatch heroes, I usually divide them into three categories. Damage Heroes, Tank Heroes, and Support Heroes. Each of them fulfills a specific role during the game.

Overwatch character categories

  • Damage: damage characters are characterized by exceptional abilities to damage the health of enemies. In any case, their stamina is not very good, so they require support from other heroes.
  • Tank: the tank characters are very interesting, they are capable of generating a lot of damage to the enemy fortifications. For the above reasons they usually go to the front, but they require the support of the other heroes, since they are not very agile in the attack.
  • Support for: The importance of support heroes is indisputable, since they are in charge of heal his companions team. However, they also have the characteristic of being able to affect the condition of enemies.

As you can see, the categories are similar to those of MOBAs, in fact, it is practically the same as how Riot Games’ MOBA works in League of Legends, with the big difference that this is a First Person Shooter.

blizzard overwatch

Overwatch gameplay

As we pointed out before, Overwatch is a first person shooter video game, with the incentive of having diverse fantasy characters. Basic Overwatch battles consist of two teams pitting against each other. Each team has 6 contestants and they are divided into the groups mentioned above.

  • Combat practice: clearly before starting to play a video game it is best to practice in order to master all its mechanics. For this purpose Overwatch has a mode with which you can practice your skills against bots.
  • Quick games: The quick games mode as its name indicates, will look for players with a similar level to yours to join them in a game. It is the most suitable modality if what you want is immediate action with people who play at a suitable level for you.
  • Competitive games: As expected, Overwatch also has a competitive mode. Through this mode you will face other individuals with the purpose of climbing rungs and climbing higher divisions.
  • Custom games: one of the funniest ways to play with friends are the so-called custom games. In this mode you can configure many game options at your whim.

Overwatch not the same as shooting games If you are looking for a more casual experience, you should choose to play Counter Strike Global Offensive. Still, give Overwatch a try as it’s an excellent game.

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