What kind of Game is World of Warcraft? What is WoW All About and How Can I Play?

With over eleven million players worldwide, a wide variety of installments, expansions, $ 1.2 billion a year, and an approximate size of 16GB for your PC, it can only be easily recognized as the most famous role-playing video game in the world World of Warcraft.

Undoubtedly a delivery that changed the lives of many users, thanks to its gameplay, countless expansions and new installments that make this saga unique and entertaining, currently being one of the video games with more millions of accumulated hours in the world.

However, you should keep in mind that World of Warcraft is the pioneer in role-playing games, since today there is a wide variety of video games in this category; among them we can find the famous Dota or League of Legends. But we cannot forget the great history that you must know about WoW if you want to enter this fantastic world.

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That is why in this installment we will talk about what what is WoW and how to play, so as not to get lost in this excellent virtual world.

What is World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft also known as WoW is a massively multiplayer online game of the RPG genre, developed by the Blizzard franchise in 2004. This excellent installment is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. His story is based on a world full of fiction and adventure, where users have the possibility to create virtual characters to live the plot.

In this way it allows you to interact with other characters and develop missions of high degrees of difficulty, which are scattered throughout the map of Azeroth. Where to find a wide variety of sides such as alliances and hordes, in which the user can choose the one of their preference.

world of warcraft characters

On the other hand, if you want to vary the video game you should download, install and play League of Legends, without a doubt an excellent installment that you cannot miss.

Tips for playing World of Warcraft

Starting to play this installment is not an easy task, since there are a large number of users who have been playing this game for years, which gives them a great advantage in knowledge and power level. That is why today we will tell you some little ones important tips to keep in mind when starting in this excellent world of WoW.

The start seems easy

Once you start playing from level 1 to level 20 of your character everything can be easy, and you can comfortably enjoy the delivery. It is important to remember that once you reach level 20 you must pay a membership on a monthly basis, in order to continue enjoying the delivery, in other words the first levels are like a great tutorial that will give you the basic guides for what is coming.

Complete all possible missions

Every time you reach a new area on the map and talk to the people in the area, missions will be unlocked, which will give you They will grant experience points and especially the rewards in gold. So do not leave any mission undone because you will regret it later.

Hone your talent

Every time you level up and obtain skill points, which you must spend on an exclusive skill and perfect it as much as you can.

ogre famous character wow

Join sororities

This will help you a lot, since by joining groups of people you will be able to perform more complicated missions, such as completing Dungeon challenges, collect experience points and especially gold. Obviously to be able to enter a brotherhood you must have a high level advancing in the game.

On the other hand, if you have been interested in this installment and want to enter the world of WoW, remember that you must buy World of Warcraft to continue in this excellent virtual world.

Finally for more information you can visit the official World of Warcraft website, and find out all the latest news.

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