What Limit or Storage Capacity of Photos Does Google Photos Have? Is it Unlimited?

Computers and mobile devices are really useful tools for storing all the information you want. However, everything has a limit. If your computer, Smartphone or Tablet has reached its storage limit, what can you do? Many choose Google Photos.

Why? What limit or Storage capacity of photos does Google Photos have? Is it unlimited? You will find all the answers here.

If you are not yet a user of Google Photos, don’t waste much more time and start to familiarize yourself with this incredible system. Here you will learn everything you need to understand how Google Photos works.

A look at its origins

Google Photos was born in 2015 as a complement or variation of Google+. Faced with the incessant growth of storage services or clients through a cloud, Google did not remain static.

This is how he proceeded, quickly, to offer a quality service for all those with a Google account. Along with Google Drive, it almost immediately positioned itself as one of the best cloud storage services.

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Reasons? Ample. In addition to the limit or photo storage capacity, there are its tools and interface. You can organize your gallery in chronological order or through albums.

Uploading and downloading from the Google cloud is not the only function of this service. You also have a recycle bin, in case you’ve accidentally deleted something.

Your photos or videos will not lose quality, which is extraordinary. If you know how to use the Google Photos assistant, you will discover great ways to get the most out of this service.

Enter from wherever you want

Only one thing you need: a Google account. This will open the doors for you to use Google Photos from wherever you want. It doesn’t matter what operating system your computer uses, Smartphone or Tablet, you will always have the ability to synchronize Google Photos with your computer.

Don’t you have it yet? Don’t waste any more time! Getting a Google account will be providential when it comes to talking about the limit or Google Photos photo storage capacity.

Take advantage of the free storage capacity!

A question frequently arises among users of Google Photos. Is this service really free? For the moment, yes. The company in charge of the most famous search engine in the world has announced new policies regarding storage.

The storage capacity of Google Photos is free and unlimited… for the moments. All those users that exceed 15 GB of storage, must subscribe to the Google One service.

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This policy change will take effect from June 1, 2021. A notification will reach all Google users to let them know the launch of this new service. It should be noted that Google One, like many other storage services, will have a variety of plans and rates.

It’s not all bad news

Now, this announcement made by Google may have taken more than one by surprise. Especially to those people who already occupy a considerable amount of space in Google Photos.

No need to worry! For them, Google also had a big announcement to make. What happens if you upload all your photos before June 1, 2021? Easy: they will not be taken into account for the 15 GB that will be established as a limit!

In other words, the storage capacity will remain unlimited and free. So you should make the most of all this time to create the backups you need. Save all the photos you have on your devices.

Still not joining Google Photos?

With all these benefits and great storage opportunities, don’t you think it’s time to create a Google account? Make the most of this spectacular storage service for your high-quality photos and videos.

Remember, the 15 GB storage limit will take effect in June 2021. Everything you save before that date will not be taken into account. Don’t waste any more time!

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