What Marketing Strategies to Apply to Market and Sell Craft Beers?

The origin of beer comes from southern Egypt, from a region called Nubia. Currently this drink is well known throughout the world; reason why we will talk about the marketing strategies to apply to market and sell craft beers. At the European level, it was precisely in Barcelona Spain, where they located the first signs of this drink, which at the time was a bit different than today’s beer.

Then there was an interruption in their development, by the incursion of the Roman Empire in the zone; later with the collapse of this empire, it resumed its popularity but not enough, in relation to the rest of Europe. From the reign of Carlos V, it became the favorite drink of the nobility. Which is why they dedicated themselves to bringing in the best brewers; By the end of the sixteenth century, there were beverage factories in the city of Madrid.

By the nineteenth century with the era of European industrialization, beer it began to be produced in an abundant way and massive; appearing from then on, the original brands, which are even still on the market.

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In recent times, Spain has participated in the increased craft beer brewing; from twenty small craft breweries to about five hundred of them.

What tells you that a beer is craft?

There is a difference between a craft beer and an industrialized one, because in the former is made with completely natural ingredients, such as, yeast, water, hops, malt; always selecting the best of each product.

What is required to be able to market and sell craft beer?

Obviously that is the state of your country, who must grant the license or authorization to be able to sell said drink; For this, you must bring the corresponding application, and pay the cost for the processing in the corresponding office.

Advertising and digital marketing in the tourism sector are important; since the massive consumption of beer, it depends a lot on the tourism sector. This forces us to devise strategies and models of differentiation and favorable marketing positioning for this product.

What marketing strategies to apply to market and sell craft beers?

The most important thing is to elaborate a very good quality beerThis opens the doors for you and makes marketing easier for you; then the customer will return because they have been satisfied with the product they have tried.

Product quality is essential, but we will need to know the most powerful marketing tools. To achieve that, we will mention a few points.

One point to take into account is that there will be customers who may not agree very much with the taste, so you have to find a way to remedy the matter; for this, it is very important to hear all opinions, even if these are not very positive and use some surveys.

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It is necessary to carry out a research, in your locality, of certain food places, so that you can ally with them and promote your product; Also, look for information on the latest statistical data on craft beer, trends, and more.

Another necessary strategy is for you to tell the story of your beginning in the world of craft beer; which must be interesting for the user to identify with it; and even attend tastings, parties, promotions and tell it personally.

Have a website and use the networks, today is vital; since, it is the best way to spread your product in a massive way, reaching any part of the world; The idea is that they can locate you and find out about the existence of your beer brand.

Another way to make yourself known is through the collaboration of some well-known artists in your area, through different events, with your favorite music, tastings and entertainment or hobbies.

As your business prospers, it is important to find some distributors and then promote points in different places of sale; this way you can get recommendations from other people.

Without a doubt, it is very important to know the most used marketing tricks to sell more in business; But making an authentic quality craft beer is perhaps the best marketing strategy.

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