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Food delivery apps are in fashion nowadays, since with the pandemic and the confinement they have become the best option when it comes to ordering food or other products without risking going out. For this reason, today you will see What other applications like Rappi are there ?, and which is the best when placing an order.

And, this information is necessary, because, although most shipping applications have the same objective and try to fulfill it in the best way, not all reach an acceptable level.

Meet other apps like Rappi!

Now, to go straight to the point and that you can really understand that there are other applications like Rappi, the explanation must be divided into several points, in each of them you will be shown a restaurant so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

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But before that, you should know what a home service application is. This is very simple, they are simply Apps created with an interface that allows its user to order and pay for deliveries from them.

With the ease that you can track the purchase (in some) and incidentally pay with different methods other than cash and card. And if that was not enough, you can select from any restaurant in your city, even if it is far away.

Uber Eats

The first of the options that will be shown to you today is Uber Eats, which is one of Rappi’s direct competitions (especially since registering with Uber Eats is very easy) and you can download it for free from the Store. The benefits that this brings are many, but the one that must be highlighted is the large number of options it offers to choose from.

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Since the company is associated with more than 3,000 establishments worldwide. As if that were not enough, its interface is one of the most digestible, because on the screen of your order They will show you all the purchase details and even the time you have to wait.

In addition, they implemented a function that no other application has, which is «dine in», which allows you to pay through the App, but eat at the restaurant you select (without extra charges).

Without apron

Another great home service application is SinDelantal. This also has a wide range of restaurants from which you can choose, and also lets you pay with different methods, such as PayPal and discount coupons (You can also enter or add a discount or promotional code in the App).

Thanks to this versatility and to the fact that its deliverymen take a training course to become the best, SinDelantal has no comparison in the field of home delivery, since in a census carried out it was shown that they are the fastest when placing orders. .

And if the above did not seem enough, they also offer a good job system where they do not charge you high commissions, and they let you earn money as long as you work a lot. The same goes for businesses that want to ally with them, which receive benefits without paying extra percentage (For this reason, it is recommended to look for how to get to work at SinDelantal, even if it is only to collect information).


Finally, in this list of what other applications like Rappi there are, PostMates should be mentioned. This is one of the least known on the list, as it is not found in so many countries in the world.

uber eats delivery man

However, it is one of the best, because it has one of the easiest interfaces to use, where you will be shown the time when your shipment arrives and the distance the delivery person has to travel to reach you.

In addition, it has a wide range of establishments within it, since it is not only dedicated to bringing prepared food, but also He can also do the shopping for you and take alcohol home with you. But its best feature is that it does not overcharge its customers for shipments.

And voila, with that last one you know enough to say that you know that there are other applications like Rappi, so it is time for you to go to your mobile and start trying them one by one to see which one is better. However, these are not all there are still many more, so it is recommended that you look for what are the best applications to order food at home?

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