What Other Games are Similar to Fortnite for PC and Other Platforms?

Games similar to Fortnite

Many users wonder which is better Fortnite, Free Fire or Pubg? However, if you are interested in knowing What other games are similar to Fortnite for PC and other platforms? We recommend that you carefully read the following guide where we will talk precisely about this.


Fortnite is possibly one of the greatest revolutions in the world of video games in recent years. Certainly the video game has its merit, since it represents a fresh and very fun idea that millions of users have come to enjoy.

As we pointed out before, Fortnite is a very entertaining game and even more so when played with friends. In any case, with the passage of time it is necessary to vary a little, before this we have prepared it would be in which we will comment on others video games similar to Fortnite for PC and for other platforms.

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Fortnite Skins

What other games are similar to Fortnite for PC and other platforms?

There are many games in the style of Fortnite. In fact, a few names stand out above the rest, the following are from the most popular video games of this genre:

Free fire

Do you know what Garena Free Fire is? Free Fire is possibly the most easily accessible alternative to Fortnite. This video game stands out for its excellent playability on mobile devices, platforms for which it is available (Android and iOS). Over time it has become one of the most popular video games on cell phones.

Within this video game 50 players enter a game in which only one will be the winner. In the same way, it has modes to play with friends, such as the classic duos or squads.

One of the advantages of this video game is that the requirements it demands on mobile devices are not so high, so the vast majority of users will be able to play it without major inconveniences. It is necessary to indicate that the game it is only available on mobiles. If you have an Android device, then visit the Play Store to download the Garena Free Fire App.

PUBG: a game similar to Fortnite for PC

PUBG is possibly the Battle Royale video game that popularized this genre, it has three versions, the official version known simply as PUBG, the version for mobile devices known as PUBG Mobile and a lighter version for PC known as PUBG Lite.

The original version, that is, PUBG is a paid video game, while PUBG Lite is completely free. In addition, the light version of the video game will work wonderfully on the vast majority of computers, which is why it is one of the most recommended options in this genre.

PUBG is a very complete video game, in which 100 players will face each other to obtain victory, the application stands out for its complex game system and the extraordinary extent of its map.

PUBG similar to Fortnite

Apexs legends

Apex Legends is Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts’ answer to the battle royale video game move. It comes to light in 2019, standing out for having Crossplay qualities like Fortnite.

The video game has modern graphics and an extended gameplay, in the same way it is possible to play with friends or alone. In addition, the ability to play with users from other platforms makes it an excellent alternative to Fortnite.

As a negative aspect it is necessary to point out that the video game is substantially more demanding than Fortnite, for which computer users will require a more powerful computer to be able to play it in all its splendor.

A game similar to Fortnite for other platforms

One of the latest video games of the type Battle royale that have emerged in recent years is Call of Duty Warzone, a game developed by Infinity Ward and belonging to the famous Call of Duty video game saga.

The video game was officially released in March 2020, bringing to the fore an option with modern graphics and very outstanding gameplay. Currently the video game is available for Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, allowing cross-platform play (Crossplay).

Call of Duty Warzone is an exceptional free video game very much in the style of the saga to which it belongs, in which you can face up to 150 players per game. Without a doubt it is an excellent alternative to Fortnite, even so it should be noted that it is a fairly demanding game in terms of its requirements. Therefore, it is advisable to find out how many megabytes these video games consume before installing them on your device or PC.

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