What Other Games are there like Hay Day? The Best Alternatives to Hay Day

Hay Day has become one of the preferred options by users, and although it is true, we are not going to focus this article on this game, we want to show you some alternatives to Hay Day.

In this simulation created for Android, you can spend hours and hours having fun running your own farm and taking care of your animals and their needs. You will be able to see everything you plant grow and compare and improve when you visit farms with friends and neighbors.

Gamers must have a desktop option to play their favorite video games; and so almost every the games that are available for Android, they can now also be downloaded to computers.

Games that serve as an alternative to Hay Day

The reality is that there is no reason to hate Hay Day; But maybe someone is tired of playing it and wants to explore other alternatives within the same genre of games; or even exploring other alternatives makes us enjoy the original game. That’s why we show you these alternatives to Hay Day.

Happy farm

Considered a classic, perhaps it should surely be the first on this list. We will not say that one game is better than another, but this one in particular is constantly adding accessories so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest. of this classic of the games.

Life on the marine farm

Starting in the social network Facebook, this game has already grown in popularity in the list of mobile apps. The big difference is that it works close to the sea and adds an exciting touch to our farm.

young man playing video games on his pc

Green farm 3

From Gameloft company, this is a true classic for gamers, and offers us a super fun experience. You as the main character have inherited an old mansion, in which you have to put everything to work. So, have fun while you do it.

Fairy farm

Perhaps the cutest and sweetest of the games on this list. Your world seems made for a fairy tale. In this game you can choose between 100 different types of pets or animals that you can take care of and feed.


In this game you are a businesswoman who wants to put an old farm to work, so it becomes interesting to see how your character starts the economy of her farm and how it grows. It will be fun to see how your character earns the respect of the neighbors.

Top Farm

This app runs very well No internet connection. It is centered in a place far from the city, which is ideal to relax and enjoy a game in tune with nature. Here you can also see and raise animals and structure your farm.

Funky bay

It gives you the possibility to build your own town in the middle of sunny tropical islands. It shows beautiful landscapes and good graphics. You can have fun growing fruits and create products to your liking.

Are these alternatives to Hay Day good?

These are some alternatives to the game Hay Day, where it focuses on the farm and its respective care. Today the best alternative is still HayDay, it is still a game without errors, very fluid, but above all very addictive.

All the options described can be installed on Android phones or also for iPhone. On top of that, these particular games, as well as many other games, run on mid-range phones, giving many more the opportunity to play games

example of farm and elements in hay day

One of the best things about this list is that many of the options listed they work without WIFI or data; and in general all offer a fun experience and for all tastes.

As an interesting feature, alternative games to Hay Day can be played by both adults and children who want to have fun and who like that genre; If you like planning, building and having fun, you will love these options.

Have you tried some of these alternative games a Hay Day? If so, please tell us how was your experience and if this article helped you; and don’t forget to share this information with your family and friends.

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