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If you are a business owner, then probably in these tough times you are looking to generate bigger income. A good way to achieve this is to use a home App, however before you can use them it is good that you know what percentage does Rappi charge restaurants for deliveries?

And, although the App is a good solution, you have to be careful when doing a business with any company, because there are those who charge unfair amounts that hang small locals. In the case of Rappi this is not the case, but you still have to know what the respective percentage to be charged is.

What percentage does Rappi charge restaurants for deliveries?

Before you can solve the initial question, you have to learn what Rappi is, because if you don’t know, you may get lost among so much information. In summary, this is a home delivery company, which works hand in hand with business so that users of its platform receive products at home.

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This company operates with a delivery system through its main App, which can be easily downloaded from the PlayStore (it’s free). This App is one of the biggest competitors on the market and is very similar to UberEats or Glovo (including the answer to What percentage does Uber Eats charge restaurants? It is very similar to the one you will see today).

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Anyone can join Rappi as either a customer or a seller, and for both there are benefits. In the case of the customer, you can receive coupons or discount codes from Rappi, as well as an easy way for the products to reach them.

If it is a company, you will also have benefits such as: be able to integrate a home delivery system to be able to market their products outside the establishment and free advertising in the App.

This is great, but if you are the owner of a local, before proceeding to affiliate, enter or register your business in Rappi, you should know what percentage it charges restaurants for deliveries, since With that information you can organize your sales strategy better.

Basically the percentage depends on each business, that is, there is no exact figure that can dictate how much this App removes from commission, because the agreement between the establishment and Rappi is made confidentially, however some web portals indicate that it almost always oscillates between 20 to 25%

Exclusivity and the Rappi allies

Now that you read what is above, you know what percentage Rappi charges restaurants for deliveries, what you don’t know is that this can vary if some specific factors are met (it can be more or less).

One of these factors is whether your establishment has exclusivity with this App, that is, If you don’t use any other delivery app, the percentage is much lower. There is also the fact that if you become a Rappi ally the commission price may decrease.

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In turn, if you are a fairly large company, then the percentage is most likely higher, because the application company will have to handle much more of your merchandise, which implies hiring more employees and paying more people.

All of this is agreed upon before signing the agreement with Rappi, so if you have a good tongue you may be discounted a little from the final price. Regardless of this, the income you can receive using the App will probably be high, so even if the percentage is up to 20%, it should not be difficult to pay it.

With that last said, you no longer have anything to learn here, so you can say that knowing the answer to the question, what percentage does Rappi charge restaurants for deliveries? The only thing you have to do now is go to the official website of the App and fill out your form so that the business you run starts earning more.

And, in case you want to find information about some other App (there are many), it is recommended that you place in the Google search engine What are the best applications to order food at home ?, since this will give you more options than can evaluate.

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