What Ping Amount is Ideal to Play Fortnite on the Internet?

The digital world is very wide, with the use of computers, wonderful things have been achieved. Currently we can have specialized devices, with specific characteristics that help us make things much easier.

One of the areas that we have really liked is the topic of video game, the possibility of manipulating characters, feeling that emotion of doing wonderful things is very satisfying. As well as achieving achievements, beating levels is a lot of fun.

We currently have a wide variety of categories in the area of ​​video games, where we can choose the one that best suits us or the one we enjoy the most. Among the most famous we can find action adventure games strategy, racing, sports and many others.

How much Ping is ideal to play Fortnite on the internet?

Fornite background, characters

One of the categories that currently has more players around the world is that of multiplayer. With this we can connect in real time with people from anywhere in the world and live wonderful adventures.

In this category there is a game that, since its launch, broke the barriers, becoming one of the most played in the world. This video game is Fortnite, presented in 2017 by the Epic Games company.

In its beginnings, this game was based on survival in the open world, where zombies were fought, in this version the players cooperated to survive in the face of the threat. But shortly after the version was released Battle royale.

In this version, up to 100 players could participate at the same time, whose objective was to be the last survivor. Its popularity was such that in a short time it reached 250 million players, breaking the standards to date.

Fortnite is a game that features some amazing graphics, as well as the playability with which the game unfolds is very good. The theme of the game and the development that occurs when we face other players is not far behind.

Due to the advanced graphics with which Fortnite was designed, powerful equipment is needed that are capable of dragging the game in general. This way you can make the experience much better.

Otherwise, if you do not have devices capable of making the game work properly, you will have the disadvantage of not being able to enjoy the graphics as they are. The development of the game will also be affected.

What is the best ping I need to play Fortnite?

Play Fornite

If we want to play in the multiplayer version Battle Royale we will need a fast internet, so as not to be left behind in the middle of the battle. It is necessary to know what is the internet speed that we must have so that Fortnite runs as it should.

Internet speed is measured in Ping, this technically measures the speed with which a device communicates with its Internet provider. In other words, the time it takes to transmit the data between connections.

According to the manufacturers who developed Fortnite internet speed greater than 50MB per second is required for the game to play properly. If you have a speed lower than 50 MB, the consequence will be that the game is affected.

This is due to the graphics with which Fortnite was designed and the interaction that must be had when playing online with other players. For this reason it is not recommended to play Battle Royale on mobile devices.

On the other hand, there are several ways with which we can improve Ping internet speed and thus play Fortnite in the best way. If we are playing from a console like Play Station and we have the possibility of connecting it by a cable to the Router we must do it.

This, although it seems very simple, will greatly improve the speed of the internet and we will be able to enjoy playing Fortnite a little better.

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