What power supply do I need for my PC?

The power supply is one of the great unknowns of the PC. We all know they are measured in Watts and that we find sources of 700 W at a much lower price than some of 500 W. Why is that?

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It is not that they are giving you a cat for a hare but that in the power supplies There are many factors that increase its energy efficiency, likewise a generic 700 W source could not support even 500 W continuously and if it could do a higher quality 500 W.

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Another of the big dilemmas is, what power supply do I need in my PC? That answer is something that will be given to you by the components you choose to build your new machine and the asus configurator gives you a pretty good answer approximate of the minimum power you will need to assemble your new machine.

In the link that I recommend at the end of the post you will access a configurator in which you will have to select components that you have on your PC (CPU, GPU, readers, ram, etc.) and it will give you an approximate calculation of its consumption so that you can get an idea of ​​the source that you need.

Its database is very good and its result is quite reliable, always a little above to heal yourself in health. Sometimes we don’t realize it but the source is one of the hardest elements of the PC (as long as it doesn’t get damaged) and it’s worth investing in, since a higher quality source will give you more stability and lower consumption. If you’re looking for a somewhat decent font at least one that has active PFC (a system that allows a much more stabilized tension).



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