What Problems are Most Common in the Human Resources area in a Company?

What Problems are Most Common in the Human Resources area

The human resources office is essential in a company for its administration, but it is true that it also has challenges. In this informative article we will talk about what are the common problems in the area of ​​human resources in companies.

Disadvantages in the human resources area

Managing human capital is different from managing any other organizational resource, this generates unique challenges. According to a study carried out, the most important problems for members of this area are: change management in 48%, the promotion of leadership 35% and finally the measurement of effectiveness of the HR 27%.

Below we will show you precisely the challenges that human resources agents have and at the same time some tips on how to overcome them.

Get trained staff

One of the challenges that the human resources area has is to achieve through a thorough study someone with the required profile. This could take months, as it takes time to recruit a person to meet the needs of the company. When a company starts looking for professional or blue-collar personnel it is because it faces a deficiency, this in the long run has consequences in production.

As a suggestion it is recommended run a recruitment campaign professional or operational, it could be on social networks or other secure means.

Maintain the strategic line

One of the main objectives of HR and at the same time a challenge is to contribute to the development of the company in productivity and profitability. So to be successful, it is necessary to have a scheme or method that ensures capturing the attention of qualified professionals in business.

human resource alignments

This can be achieved through a competency management model with goals that make the operational, tactical and strategic levels successful.

Follow up on your administration

Despite the logistics indicators that can be had in the HR office to measure its processes, the reality is different, because working with variable conditions. These variables or fluctuating situation are not easy to evaluate, since they have a considerable degree of quite low valuation.

However, it can be changed by executing work climate, performance and commitment analysis using software that assists in the management of the indicators. For example, using information technology will allow an advanced study to be carried out thanks to the advances that exist in equipment to process data.

Modify the culture and types of leadership

Currently there are many companies with hierarchical decision-making mechanisms and this is a problem mainly for the general company. This will force HR staff to change the mechanism to a make it more dynamic agile and flexible work.

Bureaucratic-type methods need to be abandoned and establish SaaS tools in the cloud that simple including the employee.

Top management approach

The managing staff tends to have little reductionist vision of the human resources office, this due to two reasons that mainly affect the agents.

  1. Administrative management does not have direct access to income and economic sources and reduces its value.
  2. Because they see human resources as collaborators of productive or unproductive personnel.

human resources area as a foundation

These two factors prevent better performance, since mostly many managements detract from human resources. In this way, they do not see this area as a fundamental source for the production and development of a company, but as cost centers.

Retain employees

All the workforce is completely diverse, which increases the difficulty of design compensation plans that are attractive to the team in general.

So human resources agents are in the task of forming personalized recognition programs, this being a great administrative task. There are many drawbacks that have the HR in a company, be it small or large, and more when you are starting in the commercial field.

This article was written with the intention of warning you of the possible problems that you may face if you are from human resources, we hope it will be very helpful.

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