What Products Can Be Sold through the Vinted App? (Example)

What Products Can Be Sold through the Vinted App

In most homes there are a lot of articles and garments that have been used only a few times or that were never used and are currently only taking up space; If this is your case, you can use applications such as Wallapop or Vinted that are designed for users to sell second-hand items while earning extra money.

Although Wallapop is a shopping app that works very well; Vinted is having great acceptance and popularity among users from different countries, so this post will explain What products can be sold through the Vinted app? so that you are encouraged to use this application and get rid of all those items that you no longer use while generating some money.

Products that can be sold on Vinted:

  • Women’s, men’s and children’s clothing:

The most popular garments among women are dresses shorts, bridal or evening, sweaters, shorts, skirts, long and short jumpsuits, sportswear, cardigans, t-shirts. Other garments that are popular in Vinted is lingerie but these items cannot be second-hand, to sell them in the app they must be new and the label must be shown in the photo of the ad.

In the case of gentlemen, the most wanted are the jackets, suits, sportswear, coats, socks, sweaters and pants; Also underwear and kerchiefs but these items must be new and tagged. For children there are a variety of clothes of different models, brands and sizes.

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In Vinted you can sell men’s, women’s and children’s clothing from well-known brands, since This type of garment is highly sought after by those users who like to wear the best brands at a lower cost; Among the brands that stand out in Vinted can be found Zara, HSM, Nike, Levi’s, Adidas, Calvin Klein, Guess, Lacoste, etc.

  • Shoes, accessories and cosmetics:

In Vinted you can sell sports shoes, slippers, sandals, platforms, flat shoes, loafers, booties, clogs and different types of boots. Among the accessories we can mention watches, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, belts, hats, shawls, wallets and backpacks.

You can also sell cosmetics, skin and hair care products such as perfumes, sponges, eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, shampoo, moisturizers, creams etc; these products must be new and when you publish the product in the photo it should be seen that the item is in its original packaging.

Babies grow fast so many clothes and accessories are like new opportunity to sell them and earn money, among them are toys, cribs, cars, chairs, baby carriers, among others.

  • Technology accessories and beauty appliances:

Vinted does not allow the sale of cameras, mobiles, televisions, computers, batteries, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, etc; However, if it allows you to sell beauty appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons, and technological accessories such as mobile cases, Smart Watches, headphones

  • Household items and books for all ages:

You can sell towels, duvet covers, sheets, bedding sets, tableware, textiles, decorative pillows; but these parts must be new you cannot sell any of these used items.

Products that cannot be sold on Vinted:

  1. Food and drinks.
  2. Imitation items that have not been authorized by the brands.
  3. Sample or promotional items given by companies for free.
  4. Medicines or medical supplies.
  5. Drugs, cigars, pipes or cigars.
  6. Official uniforms.
  7. Autobiographical items must have a certificate of authenticity otherwise you will not be able to sell them on Vinted.person selecting clothes to sell on vinted
  8. You cannot sell items that promote hatred, violence, or discrimination.
  9. Nazi or fascist accessories.
  10. Feminine hygiene products, such as menstrual cups or tampons.
  11. Used piercing.
  12. Products made from reptile skin, shells or ivory.
  13. Sporting goods such as bicycles, weights, etc.
  14. Mattresses, pillows, power and garden tools.
  15. Kitchen accessories.
  16. Works of art and paintings.
  17. Professional services, event tickets or discount coupons.
  18. Sex objects
  19. Animals or clothes for animals.

If at any time you publish any of the products mentioned above, the Vinted team will hide or remove the product. But if you want to sell items that Vinted does not allow you, you can use Facebook Marketplace or Instagram Shopping to sell products.

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