What services does an emergency plumber usually perform?

It doesn’t matter if it’s a holiday, that you’re going on vacation or that the neighbor’s dog is barking. Our pipes break at the least expected moment and when this happens, we usually have to call a emergency plumber. We have no choice but to do it if we want to solve the problem, because a jet pipe is not pleasant anywhere.

When we have a leak, the most normal thing is that we run to close the main stopcock to our home and then, immediately, we usually call the plumber. Here you can find more information about this type of services.

What does an emergency plumber do in his day to day?

If you have ever called an emergency plumber, surely you do not know how they do it, but here we explain how they usually proceed. The first thing a plumber should do, upon arrival, is to offer a budget of what it may cost to fix a fault:

  • Cost per displacement.
  • Labor price.
  • Price of the parts to be changed.
  • Pluses for being festive or nocturnal.

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The plumber is obliged to give us an estimate before coming and may have a validity up to one month. In other words, we have 30 days to decide if it is the one we are looking for, although when it comes to an emergency plumber, we will have a few minutes to encourage ourselves to go for that one or call another immediately. Keep in mind that the prices of an emergency service are always higher than the «ordinary» services with date and appointment.

The emergency plumber always costs more, why?

It is obvious, because the emergency plumber will come to your house at any time and as soon as possible. On some occasions it will take a few minutes and on others it may take a few hours but it will not matter if it is a holiday, night, etc. The emergency plumber is always there and will also apply some rates different from the ordinary service and bonuses depending on when you are forced to intervene.

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What are the most common breakdowns that an emergency plumber usually faces?

If you are a plumber, you will surely agree, there are 5 breakdowns that are usually urgent in 95% of cases:

  • Leaky faucets or broken pipes, the latter case being much more serious and urgent.
  • Change bathroom or sink faucets, due to its necessity and urgency in many cases.
  • Water leaks in one or several taps, causing water consumption to increase rapidly.
  • Blockages in pipes or a drain, because we all know how uncomfortable it is that the shower does not collect water or that the sink is not 100% functional.
  • Repair the bathroom cistern, as it can also become an emergency.

Remember, emergency plumbers look after you, but call them when you really need them because they are much more expensive than the «ordinary» ones.


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