What to do if a credit card is not read by the bank terminal? – Solution

Credit cards are useful tools and practices when making payments. You can even apply for credit cards online. However, sometimes the bank terminal cannot read credit cards, and this can cause inconvenience for the cashier or merchant.

If you are a cashier or merchant you may wonder What to do if a credit card is not read by the bank terminal? In this article you will find the solution.

Possible solutions to the problem of credit cards not read by bank terminals

There are several reasons why a credit card is rejected or is not read by the bank terminal. As a merchant or cashier you can take some steps that can help you solve the problem and thus avoid losing a purchase or making the transaction process faster. Then follow the next steps:

Clean credit card

The constant use of credit cards can cause them to get dirty with dust or grease, making it difficult to read the barcode correctly. So use a handkerchief and clean the card where the black or gray magnetic stripe is. This could help the card to be read by the bank terminal.

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If your bank terminal constantly has problems reading credit cards, perhaps you should consider the possibility of changing the model, some companies decide to use the POS point of sale system. Or failing that, have a linen handkerchief next to the cash register, as some of these machines are sensitive. Therefore, it is advisable to give it a routine maintenance and thus avoid optical problems that could make it difficult to read the cards.

Change the movement of swiping the credit card

Another thing you can do is change the direction in which the credit card passes. For example, try to put the card through the terminal in the opposite way to how you normally do it, every time you serve a customer.

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Rub the card against your clothes and pass the card along the side of the band in the opposite direction to the usual, to be able to test that the terminal can read the card and give an error. Making this move can be very useful for cards that are somewhat damaged.

Put the credit card in a plastic bag

This method can be very useful in helping the bank terminal to read the card correctly, as some cards come with scratches or blemishes. You just have to put the card inside the small plastic bag and rub it as if it were a cloth, the intention we are looking for is remove any impurities on the band or remove static from the built-in chip.

Make the transaction by phone

Most credit card companies offer a telephone number to carry out transactions, in the event that it cannot be read by the bank terminal. It is advisable to put this phone number in an accessible place near the cash register, so that you can access it immediately.

Apply for another credit card

In case the credit card do not pass at the bank terminal, you can ask the customer to give you a different card. In general, people have more than one type of credit card, they can even have a credit card from Sears, Walmart among others. Therefore, they will have no problem giving you another card so that you can continue with the transaction.

Fix problems with the bank terminal

If performing the steps described above the problem persists, it may be that the magnetic readers of the terminal are dirty. Maybe, you can try passing a ticket to the bank terminal. Doing this can help clean the magnetic readers on the terminal. If by doing this, you still cannot read the credit card, the magnetic readers may be damaged and need to be replaced. We hope you liked this article, remember to leave your comments and do not forget to share this information with your family or friends.

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