What to do if I lost my IMSS Card? How do I get it back or request it again? (Example)

The Mexican Social Security Institute assigns a number and an employer card to each working or retired citizen of their country. To carry out procedures within this entity it is necessary to present said card. What to do if I lost my IMSS card?

To carry out procedures such as requesting the certificate for your company to enter the IDSE or the Mexican Institute of Social Security, it is necessary to present the IMSS card. As well as for present the Determination of the Premium in the occupational risk insurance, and for almost any type of procedure.

For this reason, it is best to keep the IMSS card in a safe place once it is given to you. If for any reason this card is stolen or lost, you will not be able to manage practically any procedure in the offices of the sub-delegation of the Mexican Social Security Institute.

What to do if I lost my IMSS card?

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By understanding what the IMSS retirement card is, you will know how delicate it is and how cumbersome it is to lose it.

Even if you did everything you need to apply for the IMSS retiree card, losing it will make all the effort meaningless.

If for some reason this is your case, your IMSS card has the possibility of request it again digitally. Thus saving the trip to the offices of the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the long lines to be attended. You just have to follow the following steps:

Enter the IMSS registration page. In order to register you must enter a username and password. It is recommended that you write down these data to remember them in the future, since you will need them every time you want to enter the portal.

get imss digital card

After entering the database you will see a registration form that you must fill out with all the information they request. These data are: date of entry to the IMSS, email address, registration, CURP, delegation and password.

Once you have registered on the page, You must wait up to 12 hours to receive a registration confirmation email.

Now every time you want to have access to your IMSS card you will only have to enter with your username the page of the Mexican Institute of Social Security. There you can review the monthly payment of your earnings as well as download the payment stubs.

What is the IMSS card?

It is a strategy of the Mexican Institute of Social Security to adapt to the technological and digital era. The purpose of this is that people have access to their pay stubs without having to leave their homes.

If you are an active or retired Mexican worker, you will be able to have control over your perceptions in that entity without the need to leave your home or have to go to the IMSS offices. This is a way to streamline the procedures within the institute, since many of the procedures are carried out digitally.

The value of the IMSS card is that thanks to it you will get better care through the system. You will avoid the transfer to any office and having to make long queues to be attended. It will be enough to have a computer with an internet connection to download the card.

download imss application

What does the IMSS digital payment card contain?

At you will be able to observe the information about your affiliation to the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the total of your earnings for the current month. Likewise, the data of the issuing entity will appear, in this case it is the IMSS.

In addition, on the IMSS card, you will see your personal information reflected. Data like Social Security number, RFC, CURP, registration and obviously your full name. As well as the bank details of the account that receives the paid perceptions.

Similarly, on the back of said card you will see the perceptions received during the current month, in addition to the deductions endorsed by the Institute of Social Security Services for Workers. Next to this information, the final amount of the deposit in the selected period will be displayed.

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