What to do if the Apple Watch Won’t Turn On and Heats Up? Definitive Solution

Apple Watch is one of the more innovative and smart devicesLike any smart device, some type of failure can be generated or brought about, which can come from excessive use or the charger, the battery or the device itself. That is why it is important to know how much battery you have left. Here we show you how to activate the battery saving mode.

The Apple Watch is one of the smartest and most practical watches on the market but they don’t always work as they should. Like any device, it can present some type of failure in its screen, its operating system or even its battery, bringing in itself failures and daily annoyances for its carriers.

What to do if the Apple Watch won’t turn on?

If your screen is completely black and the buttons do not respond to any interaction, it is most likely that it is off or don’t have enough battery. First we must press the side button and wait if Apple Watch turns on otherwise we will have to restart our Clock.

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To restart it you must press the side button and the Digital Crown for a few seconds until you see the Apple apple on the screen. In some cases, it is usually the battery that can fail, causing greater damage to your Apple Watch device.

If that is the case, the solution would be to go immediately to change the battery of your Apple Watch. Go to the nearest specialized technical service and change it. Try to keep the operating system of the device always updated (remember that it is important to update the iPhone and iPad devices to the latest version), optimize the device and use it with the power saving mode.

If the fault occurs when your Apple Watch is charged, the first thing you should do is check if your Apple Watch device is well connected. If it is the charger where this fault occurs, the best thing would be to change it in one of the nearest stores.

Common problems are when charging your Apple Watch, it is usually that the charger is damaged. If your Apple Watch device still does not turn on or continues to fail to charge it, the problem may be due to some fault or component of your Apple Watch.

What to do if the Apple Watch overheats?

The Apple Watch is still a miniature portable device with a difference that it does not have a built-in fan. By not having a fan, this can and usually causes your Apple Watch overheat for whatever reason of use and will not be able to cool down as it lacks a fan.

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One of the reasons why our Apple Watch device tends to get hotter than normal it may be from constant use throughout our days. There may be a good reason why your Apple Watch device overheats and ends up failing in performance.

Apple always specifies clearly how you should charge your Apple Watch which must be located in a well ventilated area to prevent exactly this from overheating. When you finish charging it, let it rest for 10 to 15 minutes after turning off your Apple Watch.

Let your Apple Watch charge and do not use it while it is charging after charging, let it rest and go to the Watch app on your iPhone. When entering select the general option, followed by “Accessibility” and turn off VoiceOver option wait a few minutes and turn it on.

With this way your Apple Watch would have a good performance and should not overheat when fully operational. If the overheating problem persists, we recommend that you contact the Apple Inc service so that you can solve this problem on your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch is designed to work optically with temperatures between 0 and 35 ° C (32 and 95 ° F). Your Apple Watch should not be next to a direct ray of the son for long periods when it is not in operation avoid leaving it in a car on hot days. Finally, you must bear in mind that Apple manages an efficient protection system for all its devices.

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