What to do when Excel does not recognize or calculate the formulas? – Excel solution

You feel that your results that Excel gives you They are wrong, what to do if Excel does not recognize or calculate your formulas, you should not worry about this anymore, I will teach you to solve this problem easily.

When we talk about Excel we are talking about formulasWe use formulas to get results, to perform calculations such as additions in columns and to make decisions, among others. When we use formulas in Excel we have to deal with errors.

There are more common mistakes than others that make the moment you are creating your Excel file somewhat annoying. But don’t worry when receiving all tips and best solutions that we will give you so that you can avoid committing them.

Excel solution for calculating your formulas

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Excel is one of the tools most used in the calculation of formulas, the use and utility of its formulas is very easy, since it gives you results automatically, as long as it is found automatically in your Excel configuration.

What to do in the event that it does not give you the correct solution, therefore, we go to file, click on options and will throw a window at us where we will go to the formulas.

Next to calculation options, where it will show us the calculation of the book and it is found manual way, it is for this reason that they do not update your results.

Excel works in two ways, manual and automatic, the automatic way is the way it should work so that your results are updated automatically.

excel does not recognize the formulas

In this way, you will be able to automatically add cell ranges, omitting errors and each time you enter a new value in your cell, it will immediately be updated, always throwing you the correct value in your result.

What are the most common mistakes to deal with in Excel?

It is important to learn how to solve or avoid the most common errors that Excel throws at us in terms of formulas because in this way we become experts in the subject of formulas and functions.

The error value generated when an incorrect value type is given to what a function expects. For example in a sum, numerical values ​​must be used, the error is when you place a text. You can also use the keys (ctrl + shift + return), to avoid that value error.

On the error of division by zeroIt is important to know that it is not possible to divide a number by zero, also if you divide a value by an empty cell it also throws you an error, that is, as if the empty cell were a zero.

The name error occurs when we use a function that does not exist or is not developed in the version of Excel. While the error ref. or reference it happens when a formula refers to a cell or a range that no longer exists or was deleted.

If we use formulas and make references to cells, I recommend that we do not delete columns or rows and less if those columns or rows refer to a formula. In this way it will return the reference error in the rows and columns.

Most common and indispensable formulas in Excel

The autosum You can find it in the tools panel located in the upper right part, click on the autosum box and it will immediately give you a total sum of all the selected values.

excel does not calculate the formulas solution what to do

Add yes, is a sum conditionsl, that is, add all the amounts that meet a certain condition. For example, all amounts that have been sold from your main office.

To achieve this you must place the equal sign next open parentheses and go to fx, that is, the arguments that it offers us, such as the range and the criteria.

The range is basically the range where what will be discriminated is found. And the criteria will locate you only in the range in which your selected feat.

The text is used for dates, when selecting text we open parentheses and we go to the formula helper, where we will find two arguments which are the value and the format. The value is the date you want to convert to text, while the format gives you the full name of the date.

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