What to do when League of Legends is under maintenance or not working? – LoL Solution (Example)

Not sure what to do when the League of Legends is under maintenance? This is a problem that several players have experienced and it can be quite frustrating, but luckily, there are various actions you can take to fix it.

What to do when the League of Legends is under maintenance?

There is an effective method to solve the problem of League of Legends in maintenance, for which it is necessary that you follow the instructions that you will see below, then, you will have to use the system console, delete files and avoid making mistakes.

Symbol of the system

The first thing you should do is a quick search with the word «Cmd» to open the window of the «Symbol of the system», but this you will have to do it by pressing with the second button of the mouse on the option and in «Execute as an administrator».

Renew your IP

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Now, from the CMD you will go on to renew your IP, for which you will need a series of specific commands and that it is recommended that you have written down in a blog of notes, as one of these will disconnect the internet from the device.

In this way, you must copy this: «Ipconfig / release» and give the secondary button, and then press Enter. The console will update and you will see that the internet has been disconnected.

Next, you will use this specific command «Ipconfig / renew», with which, after waiting for it to load correctly, you will appreciate that the internet connection has been established again.

IP renewal

Clear the cache

The subsequent movement consists of discarding the entire cache, for which you will have to use the following code «Ipconfig / flushdns», obtaining as a result a message confirming its completion.

It is convenient that you restart your unit, so that the changes made are truly assimilated and you do not have any type of inconvenience in this regard, neither at the moment, nor in the future.

Delete files

Locate the icon representative of the program and click on it with the button on the right to quickly choose «Properties» and achieve «Open location» so that the corresponding folder is exposed, in which you will carry out the task.

What you must do is delete all the files, from that folder, that have the wheel on their icon to show, remember to delete them completely, even from the «Recycle Bin».

On the other hand, and from that place, you can access the folder «Riot Game» which is the folder that contains the location where you are, now you have to enter the folder of the «League of Legends» and delete «Conf» and «Log».

Start the game

You will no longer be able to see the League of Legends notice in maintenance because, when «Execute as an administrator» the game, you will notice that the administrator is being installed, since you will be forcing a new installation, when this process is completed, proceed to log in with your account.

What else can create this error?

There are some other situations that may be influencing the appearance of the League of Legends in maintenance, so it is good that you verify certain aspects on your computer.

Configure PC


Most LoL players are aware that it is necessary to configure DNS and, in order to achieve or verify that this is the case, you must click the second button on the internet icon on your taskbar.

Now hit «Open network and internet settings ”, followed by «Change adapter options», In the new window, right-click on the network and on «Properties».

In the pop-up window choose «Internet Protocol version 4”To open the options, where you must, on the back, fill in the boxes with Google’s DNS address, which is the one recommended by LoL, this is «8888» and «8844».

Update Windows

Make sure the version of Windows 10 you have is up to date and, if not, go to «Windows Update», where you can know the status of the update or search if there are available.

In addition to this problem in League of Legends you can find other problems that can be frustrating and annoying, but do not worry that these errors are easy to fix, you can also present errors when you try to update the game or when you try to open your game in League of Legends.

Whatever the problem, if you can’t fix it yourself, you can always turn to the game’s technical support team.

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