What to do when my cell phone battery gets very hot when charging?

Mobile phones have become over the years in one way or another an indispensable equipment for any individual, thus facilitating the mode of communication and interaction with others people in an immediate way, causing a positive impact on society and the world, it should be noted that the majority of the population has a team of this range at their disposal.

New ideas and new technologies emerge every day, so brands create highly qualified teams To use them, due to the thousands and diverse brands of mobile phones that exist, this has become a kind of competition, there are mobile phones that are faster than others, also with greater durability, and of course with better functions.

If we put them to good use, as necessary, we can get great benefits from them, both informative and inexpensive, allow us to navigate through the internet, be in contact with social platforms, make calls while maintaining constant communication with the people around us, and therefore countless jobs that we can give them.

My mobile heats up when charging it. Why does this happen?

Although it is true that at the end of a long daily day and constant use of the mobile, the battery discharges and it deserves a break to charge it, but there is something that happens very often and that is that the mobile heats up when charging it, because of this, it is good to know why, so as not to continue making the same mistakes and avoid this.

overheated phone battery

One of the causes may be that we charge the mobile on with the brightness of the screen very high, and that we are using it, this prevents the mobile from charging one hundred percent.

The following can also be caused, perhaps if the mobile is directly exposed to the sun, it could affect the charging performance and consequently its temperature rise.

It can also be another cause of this, that we have downloaded very heavy games and that the mobile at some point does not support them, causes equipment to overheat, and another thing that can be the cause is that the charger is fast charging and is not fully compatible.

What to do when my cell phone battery gets very hot when charging it?

This may happen for various reasons, but we can fix it, we need to verify that the charger of our mobile is in perfect condition and it is compatible with it, since there are some chargers that do not emit the same charge intensity in some mobiles.

Remove the battery and let it rest for a few minutes, then put it back in and let the mobile charge fully and off without any manipulation.

connect charger to phone

Putting aside the phone case is another good option, we must remove it and let it charge without any pressure or cause it to overheat.

It should be noted that there are some mobiles that are more likely to raise their temperatures When charging, this is due to its operations, and therefore it usually happens that the battery is overcharged, and it is advisable to discharge the overcharged battery, also check the heating sensors.

Precautions when charging the mobile battery

One of them is use only the original mobile charger, to avoid any damage later, although we can charge our mobile with a wireless charger, if so, it would be best to move any type of magnetic object away from it, and thus the mobile charges more quickly.

Do not charge the mobile through a computer, this is essential, by doing so we are giving rise to irreparable damage, since the computer or PC does not emit the same frequency or intensity at the time of supplying the charge to a mobile, so the ideal is to charge it from a direct current outlet.

We must also avoid at all costs that the slot of the mobile where we place the charger is filled with dust or water, this would completely damage its operation, and it can cause a short circuit, and it is something that we do not want to happen of course.

If we consider each of these precautions As such, we will not have problems with our mobiles, therefore we would not have to worry when charging it.

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