What to do when my cell phone only works connected to the charger?

One of the most common failures that users face and that cell phones have, is that they usually stop working if they are not connected constantly to the charger.

So regardless of the origin of the problem whereby a phone works only connected to its charger, the same conclusion is always reached What to do to make the phone work disconnected from the charger? Since it is essential to have a solution that is just as practical as it is efficient.

Therefore, here we will show you what to do when your cell phone only works connected to the charger to put an end to this problem.

Why does my cell phone only work connected to the charger?

The first step to solve the problem that your cell phone only works connected to the charger, is identify what the origin is that such failure is occurring.

First of all, if the phone gradually restarts when disconnected from chargerIt is common to think that a potential solution to the problem is to perform a Hard Reset or factory data reset on the cell phone, presuming that it is a software-generated failure.

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However, considering that the phone works perfectly while connected to the charger, the source of the failure in this case is more related to Hardware than Software Of the device.

In this way, being evident that the cell phone works while it is charging and receives a continuous current of electrical energy, it would then be the device battery which is compromised and therefore it is responsible for the failure of the mobile phone.

This is usually a frequent problem, especially for those users who have installed non-original or generic batteries in their devices, or who have suffered a wear and tear in its useful life.

What to do when my cell phone only works connected to the charger?

One of the greatest advantages that mobile devices bring with them, is precisely, enjoying the vast world of technology platforms while you move. So it is extremely necessary to have a solution to go to when your cell phone only works while it is connected to the charger.

Assuming that it is quite probable that the origin of this problem is due to the fact that the battery of iPhone or your Android could be damaged, the best you can do accordingly to prevent your phone from turning off or stop working when disconnecting the charger is to replace it with a new battery.

Likewise, it is essential that the battery that you are going to install in your cell phone is an original one and exclusively intended for the model of your device. Stop in this way avoid degenerating it and lengthen the useful life, so that in the future your device does not present the problem of only working while it is connected to the charger.

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Tips so that the cell phone does not work only connected to the charger

Taking into account that the main reason why a mobile phone works only while it is connected to the charger is that the battery of the same has been damaged, it is essential to have ways and tips to extend the useful life of the same and avoid producing this type of inconvenience.

One of the best ways to preserve battery life is to do not load them above 99% of its capacity, that is, do not overcharge the battery of your mobile device. So in case this happens, you need to discharge the overcharged battery of the device immediately, to a suitable level.

On the other hand, most mobile devices currently have their configuration, with a default power saving method. So by activating it, you will ensure that the battery you consume while using your device is only the necessary one.

Likewise, the best option at your disposal to avoid that in some future your cell phone works only while it is charging, is do not power the mobile battery for short periods. That is, try to connect your phone to the charger when the battery is below 20% and do not disconnect it from the charging source until the battery reaches its full charge.

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