What’s Among Us About? The Cooperative Online Game for PC, Android and iOS

There comes a point where talking about Among Us is inevitable, the Today’s global phenomenon causing a stir. For those curious and just in the know on the subject, it is normal to wonder what Among Us is about, what it is, how to play it, where to get it.

And many more questions that have this game as their main key. The recent success of Among Us has been echoed in various parts of the world and now their servers are at full capacity.

Among Us surpassed its limit even without expecting it, occupying a new and special place in the smart devices of the community at large. It may be a simple game, but there are those who claim that its simplicity and gameplay is so basic and enjoyable, it generates powerful addictive power, although always speaking from the healthy aspect. Eye.

What is Among Us about?

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In short, it is a simple plot or theme that anyone can understand as soon as they enter the game. It is set in a crew of a spaceship who is obviously preparing to do his duty in space.

But how is that possible? Yes, the games within the game consist of assembling a crew for this aerospace vehicle of between 4 to 10 passengers, each one with a predetermined function randomly by the game. Still don’t get what Among Us is about? Well, keep reading because it is just that the matter is gaining more interest.

Perhaps the aspect that makes the game attractive is that one of those 4 or 10 crew members, 1 or 3 will be designated as imposters. Yes, impostors who will have the task of sabotaging the ship and finishing one by one with the rest and thus consecrate themselves as absolute masters and lords of the current game.

silence among us

The crew, without knowing what is happening, must manage to fulfill the rest of the tasks that the game assigns. In this way, Russian roulette and cheating skills begin, playing is that you will know who is who.

How to play Among Us easily?

With a perfect understanding of what Among Us is about, now you can dedicate yourself to play quietly in the game, so you must know how to play Among US. Enter the game with the code provided by the creator of the server or enter one of public origin. Wait for a certain role to be assigned to you within the number of crew members and then unleash the game.

Being a crew member, it is true that the game becomes a bit more boring, but even so, you must be aware of the tasks to be carried out. These tasks are programmed by the game during the game so that the spaceship does not decay or go into failures that could be catastrophic and that obviously the impostor will try to harm.

Upon discovering a body, you can immediately go to the alarm button in the center of the ship and call an emergency meeting. Depending on the suspicions and the evidence, everyone will deliberate to vote who the executioner could be. If it is correct, the crew will win; if they fail, the game will continue until a victor is finally proclaimed, be it good or evil.

Where to download Among Us for free?

Reading this point, it is because it is already clear what Among Us is about, so the next thing to do is download it. The download can be done from the PC, Android and even on iOS.

among us naughty dolls

Either Android or iOS OS, must be obtained through the Play Store or App Store respectively. Search between the content or in the search bar of these applications and once the game is found, proceed to download it, you can do this using an emulator on the pc, since the owner himself has said that it is allowed.

Meeting the requirements and with enough storage space, it is a matter of time to start playing. You were warned, You won’t be able to stop, but go ahead!

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