When a Cell Phone is New Should the Battery Be Charged 24 Hours Before Use?

When buying a mobile phone there is always the question of how long the battery should be charged for the first time and there are really many theories about it, one of them is that the battery New cell phone must be charged for 24 hours before use; This post will help you discover if that theory is true or is it just a myth that users have not managed to get rid of from their minds.

Should a new cell phone battery be charged for 24 hours before use?

Previously, phones were made of nickel, metal, hydrate or nickel cadmium battery materials that required users to charge the phone for the first time for 12 to 24 hours; In addition, they had to charge it when it was completely discharged to indicate to the battery what would be its maximum use time.

Currently mobile technology has evolved and batteries are no exception; therefore the batteries that bring the new smartphones are from lithium ion which are designed to withstand longer load cycles. In addition, they are already calibrated at the factory, so the first charge will not serve for the battery to save duration parameters in its memory.

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So when you go to charge the cell phone battery for the first time it is not necessary to let the cell phone battery download completelyRather, it is recommended to start charging it when the battery levels reach 15 or 20%; It is also not necessary to fully charge it, much less leave it plugged in for 24 hours.

mobile on the table with its charger

The first, second or tenth load will always be the same, It is no use letting the battery charge for the first time for 24 hours Because when the battery reaches 100% the charge will stop, letting it charge for 24 hours only causes the mobile to overheat. With the lithium-ion batteries currently used, smartphones only need a maximum of 2 or 4 hours to charge, and this is possible thanks to the fact that they have a intelligent load management which is designed to optimize battery life.

The first charge of the mobile battery is really one more charge; However, the way we carry out daily charges will determine the useful life of the battery; That is why we will give you some tips that will help you take care of the battery.

Tips to Extend Battery Life

  1. While using the mobile, try not to get too hot.
  2. Avoid charging the mobile battery with a different charger from the manufacturer.
  3. Don’t let it be download completely To charge the battery, it is recommended to start charging when the battery reaches 15-20%.
  4. It is advisable to disconnect the mobile when the battery is at 80% or 90%, because if you charge the battery up to 100% you are performing a new charging cycle. The correct formula to charge the mobile is to perform short and frequent loads and not a long load.
  5. Charge the battery with the mobile off, do not use the mobile while it is charging because it can overheat.
  6. Every two or three months you can perform a calibration charge that consists of letting the mobile battery discharge completely and charge up to 100%.woman leaves charging her cell phone all night
  7. Avoid leaving your mobile charging overnight, this is the worst mistake users often make.
  8. Since heat is the main enemy of batteries, do not expose the battery to solar heat or hot surfaces; even too much heat can cause the battery to explode.
  9. Charge the mobile without the case or lining.
  10. Although you can charge the battery with a USB connection or from the car charger, it is more efficient to use direct current because it is faster.

As we analyze in this tutorial it is not necessary to leave the mobile charging for 24 hours The first time we go to charge it, that theory is in the past with the new lithium batteries of smartphones.

Although lithium-ion batteries have great advantages, you have to take care of the battery life to avoid overheating or in more extreme cases the battery explodes and causes some terrible accident.

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