Where and in what year was Mercadona born or founded? Who is the Owner and Founder?

Have you ever made your purchases at Mercadona? Surely you have been dozens of times in their supermarkets and have bought hundreds of products there. But do you know the story behind this famous supermarket chain? If you want to know more about Mercadona, stay with us and read Where and in what year was Mercadona born or founded? Who is the owner and founder?

Where and in what year was Mercadona born or founded? Who is the owner and founder?

Let’s go back to 1977, to learn about the history and humble origins of what we know today as Mercadona and find out what were the fundamental elements for a successful corporate strategy that they put into practice to achieve all that success.

Mercadona was born in 1977

In the beginning, the Mercadona supermarket chain that we know today was born within the Cárnicas Roig group, founded by the marriage of Fernando Roig and Trinidad Alfonso, in 1977. At this time, Mercadona’s activity began and began to take shape as a more versatile business, as the Roig couple’s butchers became grocery stores.

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By 1981 Mercadona began to transform little by little into the supermarket chain that we know today, since Juan Roig (son of the Roig couple), his wife and his three brothers (Fernando, Trinidad and Amparo) buy Mercadona from their father , thus acquiring the family business.

At that time, Juan Roig and his brothers acquired Mercadona, it had eight establishments of about 300 m² in Valencia Spain, the city that gave birth to the humble company.

From that precise moment Juan Roig assumes the direction of the company, becoming the executive director or CEO of the company, and begins to function as an independent company.

owner ceo mercadona meeting talk employees

From there, Mercadona supermarkets became pioneers in many aspects, for example, in 1982 it became the first company in the entire Spanish territory to implement a scanner to read the barcode at its points of sale.

But returning to the topic of Mercadona and its founders, it can be said that it is the Roig family that continues to manage this company even after so many years, and furthermore, after so many years Juan Roig is still the CEO and largest shareholder of the company, although he now also has the support of his own daughters and wife, as well as his brothers.

Curiosities about the Mercadona supermarket chain

If you are interested in knowing more about the history and other data of Mercadona, then you will not miss the curious data that we have for you related to Mercadona:

  • Mercadona turned out to be a very successful company because expansion strategy It consisted of acquiring other companies and that is how in 1988 Superette Supermarkets, which had 22 stores in Valencia
  • Mercadona’s presence in Madrid began in 1989, when they acquired Shopping Center Distribution and Development Basket
  • Another significant piece of information about this company is that, in the 1990s, Juan Roig, together with his wife Hortensia Herrero, became the owner of most of the company’s capital, having 50% and 30% of the capital, respectively.
  • Mercadona begins to gain more ground and have more impact in the world of Supermarkets Dinos and Super Aguilar and later the company acquired the Catalan supermarket chains Superama, Almacens Paquer and Supermercats Vilaró
  • In 1992 the company reached a milestone of 10,000 workers and 150 stores spread over several cities
  • Something very interesting about Mercadona supermarkets is that since 1996 they have their own brands such as Deliplus, Company, Bosque Verde and Hacendado

woman enter supermarket mercadona branch

  • Gold endearing aspect of this company is that in 2001 they opened their first children’s educational center exclusively for the children of the employees of the various supermarkets, this in the Sant Sadurní d’Anoia logistics block, in Barcelona
  • Just in 2018 Mercadona launched its online sales service for its clients in Valencia, allowing them to buy various articles of interest and order food at home are its «Ready to eat» section
  • Relatively recently, in 2019, Mercadona began its process of quickly becoming a transnational company, by opening its first store in Portugal

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