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If you are a client of the Rappi shipping company or you simply want to look for work with them, you are most likely wondering Where are all the Rappi offices located?, Since with this information you can go to them and resolve any questions you have personally.

If you think that nowadays there is no need to go to a physical place due to technology, then you are very wrong, because sometimes in home delivery Apps, customer service ends up being a bot that doesn’t solve any problem (when you are going to cancel or edit an order for example).

Where are all the Rappi offices located?

To go directly to the point that interests you and quickly learn where all the Rappi offices are located, you have to know that the distribution of the offices and the number of them it depends directly on the city and country where you live.

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And, Rappi is found in almost all Latin American countries, which makes it quite difficult to create an exact map with each office. This is why the company devised an effective solution, what they did was create an official website so that you can locate the offices in your city.

If you want to find it, you must place it in your browser «Rappi offices», and once you get the link on the page, click to enter. To use it you just have to press the drop-down that is right there called «Select your city.»

establishment of rappi

In this you will find all the cities of the country where you are (and even others), simply choose one and that’s it, it will appear where each office is located specifically, even with an address.

If you want to carry out a more direct search, it is recommended to place «Rappi offices» in the browser and then the name of the place where you live, so that the offices will appear for you (this does not always work, so you can also choose to search where does Rappi currently have coverage?, that may show you the offices ).

When you have already found what you were looking for, you will only have to follow the specified address to get to the office that suits you best, and voila, with that your question is resolved, so you can proudly say that you know where all the Rappi offices are located.

Why go to an office?

Now that you know the above, you can go to your closest office, however, why do this? The truth is that as you had been told before, the specialized care received there is much better than the one provided by the same App or any of its pages.

Since if you want to look for a job or try to receive a refund, there will be a person there to help you get it. Take into account that the offices are not open 24/7 so you should also read the schedule they understand so as not to miss the trip.

If you have understood all of the above, then now there is really nothing else you can learn, but as a little extra you will be shown other ways to access customer service.

rappi delivery man helmet

The first is through the App, since there is a section where you can make your claims (it is a chat that opens every time you place an order). There is also the Rappi customer service phone, which varies depending on the country where you live (It appears on the same page or in the App).

Finally, you can also use the Rappi email to solve any doubt or inconvenience you have, this is one of the best methods, however they may take time to respond.

And voila, with everything you read you can say that not only do you know where all the Rappi offices are located, but you also know how to contact the help desk in case of any problem or doubt.

If for some reason you get tired of Rappi, remember that there are many shipping apps available, which you can see just by searching, what are the best applications to order food at home?

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