Where are the Caves in ARK: Survival Evolved and how to find them? – Ice Caves, Submarines and Others

Ark has become one of the most sought after games due to its striking theme and mode of open world survival game, but for new players it is difficult to ensure their survival and to progress in the game due to its difficulty, a good option that can help you get several objects, hunt enemies, or set up a base, is entering in the caves.

Where are the Caves in ARK: Survival Evolved and how to find them? – Ice Caves and Submarines

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What are caves in ARK?

The caves in ARK are sites that function as dungeons, in which you can go deep to get a great variety of enemies and objects, although you do not need skills, dinosaurs or special objects to enter the surface caves.}

enemy ark caves

Keep in mind that you must be well prepared, since there are caves that have a high level of danger due to their powerful enemies, the caves are located on the surface of the islands and even in the deep sea. It should be noted that each existing map in ARK has its own type of caves, whether surface or marine.

Surface caves

These caves are the easiest to find, because they are located on the surface, and it is not necessary have some special ability, or a dinosaur To enter them, to be able to enter these caves you simply have to enter the corresponding cave or crack, the location of these caves is exactly the same in all games. In them you will find enemies of all kinds and really rare objects.

The underwater caves

These caves are located in the seas, in order to know the location of one you have to go to the corresponding point and look at some small bubbles that come out on the surface of the water, after this you will have to submerge and search in this same area to find the cave, having said that, you have to take into account that you will need a good oxygen supply, and the help of a marine dinosaur to be able to enter the cave more easily.

ark rare caves

Next we are going to show you the location of some caves and their respective coordinates so that you can explore them when playing.

  • Temple cave (coordinates 44.84)

In this cave you can find a great variety of artifacts but you must be well equipped since you can also run into it Valguero boss.

  • Ice cave (coordinates 15.27)

This cave can be used temporarily to rest or even if you need to hide from a dangerous animal, although you can find an artifact inside.

  • Narrow cave network (coordinates 53.87)

This cave is about one of the best hiding places found on the map, if you need to protect yourself from dinosaurs or any other dangerous animal, this is the perfect cave for you

  • Wyvern Trenches (coordinates 07.77)

Inside this cave you can find Wyvern eggs and nests, and if you head northwest from this point, you can find you a wyvern, this cave is not recommended to establish a base due to the constant appearance of enemies

  • Aberration Cave (coordinates 38.57)

This cave is perfect to establish a base, if you need to be temporarily in a place, this cave can serve you; in addition to that you can meet various creatures of aberration, to be able to use it also as an area to hunt.

  • Cave under the castle (coordinates 37.90)

This cave can be a suitable place for hatchlings, because it has a very large space; you can also take advantage of its features for the creation and obtaining of resources on marine life thanks to the fact that it has a lot of access to water.

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