Where Does Rappi Have Coverage Today? – Countries and Cities Where Rappi Deliveries at Home

If you are one of those people who is always busy, then most likely you want to use a home delivery App so as not to have to make food and thus save time. This is why this tutorial was created today. So you can find out where Rappi currently has coverage, see if you can count on them.

And it is that, it does not hurt that you try these shipping systems to see if they adapt to you. Since with them you will not only get relief, but also a way to save money. And in a very extreme case (that your economy is very bad), you can even work at Rappi, to earn something extra).

Where is Rappi covered today?

To go directly to the point in question and learn where Rappi currently has coverage, you have to know that the answer depends on the country where you are at the moment, since Rappi extends throughout almost all of Latin America, but it is not found in all states or departments of a country.

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For this reason, in order to calculate where Rappi is in your country (to see if one day you can place an order), you have to go to the official website of Rappi International, because there you will get the information you are looking for.

rappi logo

Inside the page you will see that each country where Rappi is located, these would be: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador (currently). You can select any of the bubbles where the name of the country appears to be redirected to its section or personal page.

In each of them there will be a drop-down where you can see and choose the city where you want to make the address. So there you can see in which departments or states where you live the service is available.

Another way to find out where does Rappi currently have coverage, It is looking for the blog that the same company created. In this, the countries and departments in which you can order with Rappi are specified, however the blog has not been updated since 2018, so it is only an incomplete guide (but it can still serve as a reference).

How does Rappi work?

Now that you have read the above, it has become clear to you where Rappi is located. TOYes, if you already realized that where you live you can place the order, what you must learn now is how to use the application.

This is very simple, You just have to download the App from the PlayStore or its official page, and then register by entering the data they ask for, such as the number, address, email and your name.

billboard or rappi poster

After this you will have access to the application, and you will be able to navigate through its interface just by sliding your finger across the screen. In your main menu you will see all the types of services that can be purchased and you will only have to click on one of the options so that you will have another section with the establishments.

Once you are there you just have to choose the business from which you want to get food and press it, with that you can add dishes to the shopping list. When you finish you must select a payment method (which it can be via PayPal, cash, cards, and coupons or discount codes).

And that’s it, your order will arrive (remember that if you want to cancel or edit an order in Rappi, you have to do it right after you’ve made a mistake or it will be impossible later). Which will take more or less depending on where you are located with respect to the restaurant from where you placed the order.

With that last thing you read, you can already say that you are a semi expert in using Rappi, because not only do you know where Rappi has coverage today, but you also know how the company works. So you can go to the official website and find out if you can use this service and where all the offices are located (in case you want to apply for a job).

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