Where is the Recycle Bin in Gmail? How to Recover Deleted Messages and Emails

The email platforms They are a service that has become a requirement to verify the identity of those who want to join one of the most popular social networks or some other online platform.

In addition, by themselves, email platforms allow you to send messages as simple as complex using their services. Therefore, being Gmail one of the most used In the whole world, it is also one of those that has the greatest benefits for its users.

One of these being the possibility of recovering deleted messages that are stored in your trash. Therefore, we will show you where is the recycle bin in Gmail, so you can access and recover deleted messages and emails.

How long do emails stay in the Gmail trash?

One of the options that has most benefited some users is to recover deleted emails by accessing the Gmail trash. Well, sometimes it is necessary to access some information, and although this has been previously downloaded or verified in this email, it is not strange a situation in which it is necessary to access it again once it has been deleted.

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Fortunately, email services such as Gmail, have taken these types of situations into consideration, and have developed a system that archives deleted messages and emails for a certain period of time. It is then when it becomes necessary to know by how long deleted emails stay in the Gmail trash.

You must bear in mind that once you have decided to delete the email, it will remain for a period of 30 days, from the moment it is deleted, in the Gmail trash. Therefore, once this time has elapsed, these emails will be permanently removed from your account from Gmail and you will not be able to recover these deleted messages or emails.

Where is the recycle bin in Gmail?

One of the options to facilitate the location of important emails is to delete those that have already been verified and reviewed. However, many times it is necessary recover them once they have been deleted, either to verify some information received or to recover messages that were deleted by mistake.

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Therefore, Gmail has this option in its email platform, since stores deleted messages in a section for these called “Trash.” So, to access your email trash, the first step is to enter the email account that you have created in Gmail.

Once there, you must go to the menu that is displayed on the left side of your home window in Gmail and scroll that menu to the option identified as “More”. In the menu that will be displayed, you must access the “Trash” option.

In this way, you will have entered the deleted messages panel that are stored in your trash. From there you will be able to verify which messages you want to recover or permanently delete the emails in the trash.

How to recover deleted messages and emails in Gmail?

Gmail is the favorite platform for those who want to create an email account, it is logical that it has ways that users can access to recover deleted messages and mails.

In this way, these deleted messages are stored for a certain period of time in the Gmail trash and you can access them to recover and restore them, or conversely, to remove them permanently. Keep in mind that although there are ways to recover permanently deleted emails from the trash in Gmail, in the first instance they are completely out of your reach.

So, once you have logged into your Gmail address and accessed the trash that it has, it will be easy recover deleted messages and mails found in it.

For this, you must locate checkbox displayed on the left side of each deleted message. Therefore, once you have identified the email or series of emails that you want to recover, you will only have to select in each of them this box that we have just mentioned.

Finally, once selected you must select the “move to” option displayed alongside other options under the Gmail search tool. There, you will have to establish the category in which you want to recover the message.

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