Where to Buy Google Play Gift Cards? What price do they have?

Google offers you the option to recharge your balance in the Google Play Store to purchase gift cards that you can give to a friend or family member to purchase digital content. Therefore, you may be interested to know Where to buy Google Play gift cards? What price do they have? And here we offer you the answer.

What are Google Play gift cards?

Google Play gift cards are a form of «credit» that contains a specific amount of money which can be used for buy digital content from the Google Play store on the Android system.

These cards were launched on the market in 2013 and since then they have been used as gifts for friends and family. Recipients can use Google Play cards to buy apps, digital books, movies, music, and games.

Features of Google Play gift cards

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One of the features of Google Play gift cards It is your availability online and physically (on authorized sites). Users can purchase them by using credit cards and they come in various amounts.

gift card google play gift card

These cards can be very favorable for many people around the world but it is necessary to check if it exists availability for geographic region where are you. Although there are cards with exact amounts, you can also specify a particular value as long as it is between 15 and 150 euros.

Buy Google Play gift cards What is its price?

If you want to give google play cards to a family member or friend so that they can buy digital content then you must follow the steps that we explain below.

Check if your country offers Google Play cards

First of all, you should check if your country offers Google Play gift cards. To do this, you must access the Google Play website for details about gift cards or “Giftcards”.

Once you access Google Play, you will find a list of countries that offer gift cards in physical or virtual form. IN fact, in some regions only the option of deliver the card online.

Two options to acquire Google Play cards

There are two options to be able to buy Google Play cards for gifts: physical stores and online. If you decide to take advantage of the first option, you can purchase a cardboard card which contains a code. This code must be redeemed by the recipient from Google Play.

On the other hand, if you prefer to buy the Google Play gift card online, you will have a digital code that you must give to the person so that they can enjoy the benefits offered by the card. You can retrieve the gift card code in case it has been lost or damaged.

play store card gift card

Do you want to send the Google Play card to someone in another country?

For send a Google Play gift card to a person who is in another country you can take advantage of the email option. The recipient will only have to redeem the gift but for this to be possible it is necessary that both the sender and the recipient are registered in Google Play from the same country.

It is essential to check if sending digital gifts from your email is available for the country where you are.

How can I redeem the card for the Google Play gift card?

In order for the recipient to be able to redeem the Google Play gift card, they must access the Google Play application from a cell phone, computer or tablet. Then, it is necessary to display the App menu which is found on the left side of the interface.

Then, click on the «Redeem» option and enter the code that has the gift card and click «Redeem». It is important to note that Google Play cards do not have an expiration date so you can use them at any time.

What is the price of the cards?

Google Play gift cards usually have amounts of 15, 25 and 50 euros. Additionally, users can add balance to your Google Play account but this cannot exceed 2000 euros. Remember that to add balance, it is essential to log into the Play Store with your account.

With the balance, it is possible to purchase games, game coins, applications, books, music, movies and other content but it is not allowed to buy accessories / devices.

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