Where to Buy the Best Hosting and Domain to Install WordPress?

The first thing to note is that the hosting and domain they are not the same. Are servers with completely different characteristics and each one fulfills a function but cannot work separately.

Each one is complemented by the other, the union of the two servers results in the web application being accessible worldwide on the internet.

Hosting is an important server, since it is responsible for providing internet to users. Cheap hostings can be bought. It fulfills the function of providing them with any type of information, or any web content they want. Taking into account that there are different types of hosting such as: shared hosting, VPS servers and dedicated hosting.

For its part, the domain is a complement to the hosting and is responsible for identifying the web on the internet. It should be noted that it is composed of a name followed by an extension, its function is to identify the IP addresses.

Discover which are the best hosting and domain for WordPress

Initially by taking into account the definition between the hosting and domain We are going to explain to you which are the best hosting that exists for WordPress. These selections are among the best, since they are companies that have a good image and reputation. Below we will detail each of the best hosting:



Costs 5.56 EUR per month and you can have up to 25% discounts on promotions which can last 3 years. Also, if the plan does not work out as you expected, they will refund the money in the first 30 days.

Together and the most important thing is that it brings the “built-in domain” for free for one year. In turn, it has superior plans if you want to try them, it has the control panel, 5 GB available space and 200 GB monthly transfers.


Another of the best hosting is SiteGround, which costs 5.59 EUR a month. It provides three years of discounts for its users and with 54% promotions. You can cancel the service semi-annually, annually or monthly.

This hosting also has the “free domain for a whole year“It also has its own control panel and 10 GB of available storage. The most important thing for its users apart from having the integrated domain is that it has no transfer limit.

Raiola Networks

Then we mention the Raiola Networks hosting which has a cost of EUR 4.36 monthly and a 20% discount. Likewise, users have three years of discounts and the most essential thing is that it brings the “domain in an integrated way and totally free for a whole year”.


Hostinger Website

Finally and as a fourth option we present you the Hostinger hosting, it has a low value of 0.99 EUR monthly. It has 88% discounts and these promotions are available for four years for any of its users, it also brings the “integrated domain”.

How to acquire the hosting and domain for WordPress?

First of all you must choose the hosting of your preference for example: “SiteGround”, once you open its page you will be able to choose the standard plan. Which was designed for users who want to start browsing the WordPress world, and in this way you can create your website you just have to click on “hire”.

Then you will visualize the second step of the three that you have to complete in order to contract the service. In this you can indicate which is the domain you want to contract, you can register a new one in case you do not have one previously. It is recommended to select an extension “.com” or a specific extension of the country you are in.

The advantage of selecting a specific extension for each country is that you can position your website in Google for searches carried out in your country. For example, for an audience in Spain the extension is recommended “.it is” then you must complete the third step which is to fill out the form and finally “pay now”.

Finally, we hope this article has helped us. However, we would like to know your opinion. What other hosting and domain do you recommend? Do you know another way to acquire the hosting and domain? Leave us your answers in the comments.

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