Where to Download the Best Google Sheets Templates?

It is well known all the tools and services that the world platform known as Google can offer. It has become almost essential for those professionals or students who want to use it to carry out their different projects. That is why we will show you below Where to download the best Google spreadsheet templates?

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If you have ever worked even once in your life with Excel and used its spreadsheets, you should already know how powerful and wonderful this tool is. With it we can create from graphics, databases, keep our accounting, even invoices. And we can make use of programming languages ​​for the inclusion of certain functions.

As we have already told you, Google offers many useful tools as well as different services for both personal computers and mobile devices. But you may be interested in knowing which are the best Google applications to install on devices that work with the Android system.

Where to download the best Google spreadsheet templates?

But it turns out that Excel spreadsheets are not the absolute exclusivity of this program and now we can use the ones that Google offers us. If now thanks to the Web version, we can have a large number of templates. In this way we would save a lot of time in creating it and we would only have to find the one we need and place the data, which is great.

So below we will explain where to download the best templates for Google spreadsheets. To do this, you must go to this page, through the following Link, so that you can access and log in through your Google email. Here you will be on its official page and you can see the different template options it offers you.

You can navigate in the great gallery that you will find on this site, for this you must use the arrows that will allow you to move without any problem. Are templates They are located or arranged by category, this in order to make a more precise search for the template you are looking for. Within the different categories we can name you the educational ones, the work ones, the personal ones, etc.

You select any categories of them and you will see other sub categories this way you will have more templates at your disposal and arranged very conveniently. After you have found the template you needed, we must click on it. This action will automatically generate an editable spreadsheet and it is associated with our account.

Download Google Spreadsheet Templates Using a Plugin

The first thing we must do to download the best templates for google spreadsheets by means of a plugin, is to install the plugin. This is called Vertex42 and through it, we can do it in a very simple way.

Having already installed the Plugins, we must open the spreadsheet and the following is to go to Plugins. Then you must find and select the Template Gallery option and we end with Browse templates.

Now we will have at our disposal a wide variety of templates, we will choose the one we need by clicking on it. This action will generate an option to Copy to Google Driver. We must select it, so that later we must make a clip in the Open file option, in this way we will have the chosen template as a new spreadsheet.

Now so that you can use this template you must save it in your computer, then you must open Google Sheets and create a blank file. The next thing you will do is go to the top menu and select the Files tab. In the menu that appears you will choose the option Open and then load and look for the template.

best google template

And voila, you will always have that template so you can use it but if you prefer you can download the template from Google Drive. And so we finished this tutorial that could show you where Download the best templates for Google spreadsheets.

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