Where to find the best accessories for the Galaxy S5

It is difficult to define which will be the best mobile of the current generation. In the arena we have several candidates but I, without a doubt, I would choose the Samsung Galaxy S5. Its premiere in our country is very recent, it only takes a few days and I have not seen any on the street yet, but its strategy seems right to me.

It is normal for people to criticize Samsung for its conservative attitude in this terminal but has chosen to launch a smartphone that works for him, lowering the price of the previous generation (launch) and improving some things that users see necessary, such as the camera and the fingerprint reader that will be very useful for many users.

Galaxy S5

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Now, when a phone of this caliber is released it is normal to go to the store in our neighborhood and see how there are still no accessories for the Galaxy S5. It happened to me in his day with the Moto G and I suppose that, if one day I get one of these, it would happen to me too, although after a few weeks I am sure that the shelves will be filled with junk for this terminal.

Why do I think the S5 would be the perfect mobile for my pocket? It’s simple, its power is more than enough (with a somewhat unknown processor), it seems that it will have a successful battery life and Samsung Galaxy S series cameras They are a real joy, I still have a lot of fun with my S2’s camera even if it suffers a bit in the darkest environments. Ah, I forgot, and it brings IP67 protection that will help us to be calm as long as it falls into a glass of water by mistake or some kind of madness.

I have recommended MobileFun to buy accessories for something, they always have the best and quickly. On your website I have found accessories that nowhere else could I find quickly and a good price, please feel free to buy there.


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