Which is the Best App to Order Food at Home, Order Now, Rappi or Glovo?

Nowadays it is practically mandatory to subscribe to a platform that works with delivery services quickly. However, for the less expert on the subject, Sometimes it is often confusing to determine which is the best app to order food at home, having Orders Ya, Rappi or Glovo as the main prospects.

Choose the best app to order food at home between Orders Now, Rappi and Glovo

Remember that critical and rational thinking is what differentiates humans from wildlife. This means that no matter what happens next, the final decision is yours.

As already mentioned, the three applications are not without flaws, but the work they do is worth noting. Obviously, offer innovative services with different perspectives for the customer, when choosing the best app to order food at home.

Order food at home with Glovo, what to expect with this platform?

Based in Barcelona, Glovo is one of the most recent companies originated in 2014, but that today is already deployed internationally. Through its glovers or delivery men, it buys, collects and sends goods, products or simply food to its customers.

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More than 100 cities around the world are participants in this platform, where not only ordering food at home is a novelty. Also, it goes beyond that premise, offering a very different vision of service from the one that other companies grant to their clients.

And it is that Glovo through its application, manages a list with sites, stores, restaurants, supermarkets and others. For what? For the client to select from the range of their possibilities, the product that is needed in their home.

Wearing anything or whatever is practically Glovo’s motto since it was founded. In short, by choosing Glovo as the best app to order food at home, it would not be bad, since from ordering your favorite burger to shopping for birthday gifts it is possible with them.

How is Rappi when it comes to ordering food at home?

Founded in 2015, Rappi closely follows Glovo’s trend in terms of services. It is native of Latin America And today, there are 9 countries plus 200 cities that enjoy this comfortable platform.

It is cataloged as the region’s “superpp”, equally managing a list of all kinds of stores available to the public. Therefore, not only ordering food at home is a fact, but it is also possible to pay to bring a toy, for example.

delivery biker

Rappi has a branch of additional services, such as those for walks and pet care. In turn, Rappi offers in real time the presentation of the product to buy so that there are no failures at the time of purchase.

Order Now, why choose this platform over others?

Subject to Delivery Hero, Orders It is already a Uruguayan platform that was born in 2009 so it is a pioneer in the area. Its focus is clearly to ally with a restaurant and carry out the logistics of what corresponds to delivery. To do this, it uses two aspects that allow to link the menu available in a restaurant with the customer immediately through its delivery men.

At the same time and secondly, it is capable of activating a fleet of delivery men at the service of users for specific orders. In addition to this, they have opened a “Dark Store”, where they market and sell products of the Rappi brand under the eCommerce modality. Rappi has reinvented itself, but perhaps not within the reach of the areas managed by the two named giants.

Of course, its systematization and organization are exemplary, so there will be almost no complaints regarding the service provided. And you, having read everything, have you decided which is the best app to order food at home between Glovo, Rappi and Orders Ya? Most likely, yes. Start ordering!

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