Which Office Tool Is Better Between Microsoft Office and IWork?

Are you one of those who frequently use office automation tools for work reasons? If so, the last thing you want is to end up racking your brain to find out which of these best suits your needs. It is time for you to know some simple tips about each of them and to decide which option is better between Microsoft Office and iWork.

In a world dominated by technologies and with almost unlimited access to different platforms and applications, what the user requires more and more is simplicity. Simple, practical and accessible are three keywords. There are also those who require a reliable office tool compatible with different platforms.

Another aspect to take into account is the pocket. Not everyone is willing to pay for an office suite, another interesting variant comes into play here. It is because of that the choice is not easy at all, the question remains: which is better between Microsoft Office and iWork?

Recognition VS Gratuity

Today’s office tools market is dominated by the two computing giants: Microsoft and Apple. One of the first advantages for Bill Gates is their level of recognition.

Microsoft took advantage of universalizing its Office suite as main tool of work at the scale of computers and personal equipment around the world. This happens for example with the word processor Word.

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The same happens with the rest of the Office tools: Excel, for numbers and PowerPoint for presentations. Point in favor for those of Redmond. However, the Apple giant has managed to equalize this disadvantage by dint of quality in its benefits and an important element: the free service for those who own Apple equipment.

Of course, not everything is reduced to recognition and gratuity. There are the others elements: simplicity, reliability, quality, compatibility that the user must weigh when deciding on one or another tool.

So which is better between: Microsoft Office and iWork?

Let’s start by comparing word processors. Both processors: Word Y Pages, are quite similar, with very similar aspects and characteristics that cover operability and functionality.

Each allows basic features in terms of text formatting, headings, and footnotes. Also, the use of bulleted and numbered lists. Both offer the ability to use images, including a clip art gallery, tables, and paragraph styles.

One advantage that Pages offers is the ability to add graphics to text, which Word lacks. It also allows at any time to go back and edit the data behind the chart

Power Point vs Keynote

It is the moment of the presentations: Powerpoint vs Keynote, each with their strengths. But which is better between Microsoft Office and iWork? In the case of PowerPoint, it allows you to create a solid presentation, while Keynote allows the user to shine with an attractive, lucid presentation.

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As with the Word processor, PowerPoint does not allow you to create graphics, and although there are alternatives, this represents a great disadvantage. Keynote, meanwhile, gives you the ability to create eye-catching graphics, point for those on the block.

Excel vs. Numbers

Perhaps the most reliable and versatile tool in Microsoft’s office suite is Excel, given its accessibility. This even for neophytes who are not so infused with Office on their computer. Despite the great similarity in terms of the main characteristics, Excel is ahead of Numbers for its ease of working. It is in the details that Excel beats Numbers.

Both tools, for example, have a custom keyboard layout by which a sufficient amount of raw data can be entered, particularly numbers, but Excel is easier to understand and use, thanks to its keyboard shortcuts.

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of the two main ones office suites offered by Microsoft and Apple, it is up to you to decide which is better between Microsoft Office and iWork. Similarly, if you have Apple, you can choose to download and install Microsoft office on a Mac or Ipad.

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