Who are the League of Legends Champions? – LoL Champions List (Example)

There is nothing more striking and interesting than the League of Legends champions, so many options and with so many interesting abilities to interact with. Characters that can lead you to certain victory and help you master any situation on the battlefield, find out a little more about these characters.

Who are the League of Legends champions?

The definition of champion within League of Legends It is attributed to a character that may or may not be human, they can even combine characteristics. In addition, they are assigned a series of special abilities that are considered unique and that distinguish them, making them suitable for each type of battle or encounter.

A champion can have a unique range of abilities, which do not vary, providing Health, Speed, Defense, Buff, Damage and many others, generally associated with their attributes. Being able to be Mages, Fighters, Assassins, Tanks, Support, Shooters, this gives them a strategic position within the player’s team, this does not give them victory.

League of Legends champions are a support for the game mode, allowing Summoners (League of Legends players) to dominate the game. battlefield. This is possible thanks to the fact that normally a champion is the representation of the player on the battlefield, accompanied by a team of 4 to 5 characters.

You must bear in mind that each champion has a price assigned at the time of its launch, the more than 140 champions existing must be purchased. But, this does not mean that all the time they have the same cost, some go on sale.

LOL battle

How much do League of Legends champions cost?

The prices of these characters are very variable, many at the time of their launch have high prices, which over time decrease. It can be said that the price of a champion depends, in a way, on his abilities.

If we talk about numbers, the cheapest champion can cost around 450 of blue essence and the most expensive, about 7800 at the time of its launch. Keep in mind that each new version includes at least one champion, with the launch of this one, the previous one may reduce its price.

There are two payment methods in this game, the first, as we have already mentioned, is the Blue Essence, which can be obtained in the game. This is provided as a result of victories, leveling up or completing missions established by the game.

The other known method is Riot points., developed by the same producer of the game and that can be bought with real money. There are gift cards and the ability to add a credit card to purchase points.

League of Legends champions list

Compiling the League of Champions roster is an exhaustive task, there are more than 140 today, not counting those who have been removed from the game. Therefore, it is preferable to mention some of the most interesting names of these characters.

fight champions

Among the most powerful stands out Malzahar, a magician with spectacular abilities who can help you attack with great constancy and strength, a really good champion. Continuing with the magicians, Morgana She is also an amazing champion, her abilities are very ambitious and she can help defeat an army in just a few minutes.

Fiora She is one of the most renowned fighters, her speed and cunning make her an excellent champion, her sword will always be at the summoner’s command. Finally, we can mention the newest of the champions I ne, A highly lethal assassin, he has earned a reputation for his attacks.

Now that you know a little more about champions, we invite you to look for them within the game, League of Legends puts in your hands a world of strategies and battles. Take care of your characters and improve them, so that you will soon be an excellent player.

In case you don’t know, these characters or Skins can be purchased by buying them in the store, and just as you can change them, you can also refund them.

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