Who are Walmart? What type of Company or Society is Walmart?

We humans live in a society which relies on trade in goods for the subsistence of market systems which are incredibly complex and also allow for economies which can range from small to large scale. From the first type of economic activity carried out by our ancestors, which is barter, our way of seeing money and how to produce it.

Our society too is characterized by its virtual appearance, which is a complex infrastructure system which we call the internet.

In this virtual space, people have the opportunity to access many sources of knowledge quickly. People can also create web pages, and you can even learn how to generate income with a web page.

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This virtual aspect has been widely used by companies that distribute goods Worldwide. Among these is Walmart. This is an American company. They operate a large number of department stores which serve a large number of markets.

It is important know the concept of a franchise, and this is an economic relationship in which there are two parties, which are the Franchisor and the Franchisee.

These two make up a business system in which the franchisor allows the franchisee to use all aspects of the brand and receive the products from the franchisor, which has absolute control over the merchandise and the brand.

Wal-mart started out as a small market in Bentonville, Arkansas. Its founder, Sam Walton, had learned the concept of department stores, having worked for the JC Penney store for several years.

However, he had a simple invention, which made Wal-mart the highest-earning public corporation in the world. Along with geniuses like Arthur Fry, Sam Walton had a simple invention that made him a millionaire, like his 3M counterpart. First, he focused his company on sale of goods such as food of all kinds.

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What makes Walmart different from other stores?

Walmart is a store that has a presence in the largest economic centers in the world. Among these, Walmart has different companies that it uses to appeal to a more national appearance in the countries it is in. In Japan, the brand is registered as Seiyu, in the UK it is known as Asda.

All of Central America has the commercial presence of Walmart, in addition to being present in Latin America, specifically in Brazil with the normal name, however, they are present in Chile as the brand of Leader markets.

Being a multinational company of such proportions, these have a monopoly on the merchandise market like no other competitor on the market. This is because Walmart not only has a website, but it has a physical presence in all of the countries named above.

This means that the company can have 11,000, and a workforce of over 2 million of people. This makes it the largest supermarket and bulk store company in the world.

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What did Sam Walton invent that set his stores apart?

When it comes to running a business, people think that they should always have the higher profit margin when making your sales. If an object cost you 5 Euros, the safest thing is that you will sell it between 8 or 10 Euros.

This is because companies must generate a profit from the sale they make. However, Walton had a revolutionary idea, which would differentiate Walmart from other department and wholesale stores.

Walton said it would be better to try to have a high volume of sales. This is a strategy known as wholesaling. However, these types of sales were only made for people who were going to buy very high orders of a product.

By selling his products at a minimal profit margin, Walton was able to make money faster, because their products sell faster than those of other competitors.

This is one of the objectives and types of promotional strategies of sales, and it is a very useful technique that has proven to be faithful to the part of making money, since the owners of Walmart are part of the group of the richest people in the world. Walmart was registered as a Commercial Retail Company, and also as an Open Capital company.

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