Who is the Best Player in the World in Fortnite? – Find out

Electronic sport is a reality that has been presented in recent years, as international tournaments are developed to locate the best in the world of video games. In almost every game there is a dispute to see who is going to be the best player in the world, and Fortnite is no exception.

The gamer community is in full growth and proof of this is that it is increasingly common to find discussions about Who is the best player in the world, just as if it were any other type of athlete.

The appearance of Fortnite

In June 2017, one of those video games that are here to stay would be released, setting a trend throughout the world. This is the case of Fortnite, a survival and open world video game in which battles with up to one hundred players on an island where, little by little, you will have fewer spaces to achieve survival without running into another player.

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The appearance of Fortnite

Your success? Resounding This video game has different game modes. Fortnite: Battle Royale is the one that stands out the most. It only took a couple of weeks for the game to count more than ten million users.

Important influences

Another important aspect in the success of this game has been its use by celebrities such as Drake or Travis Scott. Similarly, sports figures, such as Antoine Griezmann, set a trend after their celebrations in the purest style of Fortnite characters by scoring a goal.

All of this, together, allowed thousands and millions more people to be interested in explore this magnificent game. You can enjoy it too, as long as you meet the requirements to play Fortnite.

First Fortnite World Tournament

By virtue of the success in sales that the video game had, as well as its growing popularity due to the use by celebrities and other characters of the gamer planet, only a couple of years were enough for Epic Games (company that developed the game) to bring to held the first Fortnite World Cup.

In July 2019, New York was the focus of attention for millions of people around the world who enjoyed this short, yet exciting tournament.

Knockout phase

It is estimated that at least forty million players They were present in the qualifying phase of the tournament that took place in April 2019. However, despite the incredible number of participants, only one hundred wrote their name on the list as the best to participate in the tournament .

Juicy rewards

In total, thirty million dollars were distributed in the tournament for each of the game modalities and their different places. A couples final was played, in which the couple made up of Emil Berguist and Thomas Arnould, taking 3 million dollars.

On the other hand, in “Creative Mode”, the team that took first place was Fish Fam, taking, in addition, the juicy prize of 1,310,000 dollars.

Who is the best in the world?

As the different finals of this tournament were disputed, the time was approaching to know who would be the Fortnite solo world champion, and, therefore, who would be crowned as the best player in the world in terms of this video game.

The award stayed at home, thanks to an extraordinary performance by the American Kyle bugha, who stayed with first place from start to finish and achieving a 26-point advantage over second place.

the best in the world

In this finale, Bugha, with only 16 years, he achieved the amount of 59 points, which were more than enough not only to be crowned the best player in the world, but also to take the juicy reward of $ 3 million.

The rest of the participants, based on the position achieved, took their respective rewards. Second place, also for an American, took $ 1.8 million, while the prize for tenth place, a Canadian participant, was $ 225 thousand.

Would you try your luck?

In the face of so much competition, the mere fact of qualifying for this tournament is a privilege, given the quality of the players around the world. Would you be up there with the best in Fortnite? Go ahead, try this magnificent game and get victory in every game!

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