Who Makes the Products of Hacendado, Mercadona’s White Label? Batteries, Ice Cream, Beer and more Products

Who manufactures the products of Hacendado, Mercadona’s white label? Stacks, ice cream, beer and more products. Although below, we will talk about the Mercadona productsRemember that El Corte Inglés also has its own brands, with a system similar to that of Mercadona.

What are Mercadona’s Hacendado products?

Hacendado is a brand proposed by Mercadona that anyone who visits an establishment of the supermarket chain knows. But certainly, the Hacendado brand goes much further, since it is not just a brand, in fact, comprises many companies typical of Spain and other nations.

Effectively, Hacendado is a brand created by Mercadona that brings together products from different brands in the country and other nations. Its main characteristic is that all these products are offered at very competitive prices, where quality / price is all that matters. This quality makes the battle between Mercadona vs Carrefour vs Lidl bring advantages to the consumer, since there is a competitive market and good prices

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For this reason, if you want to learn a little more about Hacendado products from Mercadona and to know some of the companies that work to offer them, keep reading.

Who makes Mercadona’s Hacendado products?

As we pointed out before, there are many companies that work with Mercadona to offer us good quality products at reduced prices. The following are the companies that offer the most characteristic products of the Hacendado de Mercadona brand, also remember that there is the possibility of being a Mercadona supplier and offering your merchandise if you are a wholesale producer.

Mercadona establishment

Jealsa rianxeira

This company originally from Boiro and founded in 1958, is specialized specifically in marine products. Jealsa Rianxeira is characterized by offering the typical canned fish and it is very common to see their products at Mercadona. In fact, it is one of the company’s most characteristic Hacendado products.

Garcia Carrion

Another very characteristic product of the “Hacendado del Mercadona” brand are the sumos / juices of different flavors and the characteristic inexpensive Mercadona wines. All these products are provided by the García Carrión company, a company that has a long history in Spain, founded in 1890, has proven to be very successful in large part thanks to its alliance with Mercadona.


Mercadona’s Hacendado milk is very famous for the buyers of this supermarket. What you may not know is that the term Covap comes from «Cooperativa Ganadera del Valle de los Pedroches», an organization founded in 1959 and characterized by offering Hacendado del Mercadona milk.

Alacant Ice Cream

Mercadona’s Hacendado ice creams are one of the most famous products provided by the company. Well, this is largely due to the company Alacant Ice Cream, also known as the Alacant group, which is in charge of offering a large part of Mercadona’s ice creams.

products farmer mercadona


Although it is not marked as a “Hacendado” brand product, the Falke non-alcoholic beer is already a classic on the Mercadona shelves. You may not know it, but the one in charge of its manufacture is a huge German company, indeed, Falke beer from Mercadona is made by Heineken.

RNB Cosmetics

You may not know RNB Cosmetics products directly by name, but surely the Deliplus brand if it sounds familiar to you. The RNB Cosmetics company is in charge of the manufacture of Mercadona’s Deliplus brand products. The company manufactures products as varied as creams, enamels, lipstick or eyeliners.

Chocolates Valor

Valor Chocolates are also a classic on Mercadona’s shelves. You may know the company beyond Mercadona, but it is undeniable that a large part of its success is due to sales within the establishment. Chocolates Valor is an anonymous company founded in 1881, offering a rich product that you can find in practically all Mercadona.

There are many other brands that work with Mercadona, in fact, some of them can be ordered at home. Even so, you should be aware of where and when Mercadona delivers at home if you plan to do your shopping.

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