Who Pays for the Burial of a Decedent if they do not have Death Insurance and do not have Money?

Going through the death of a loved one is a very difficult and painful situation, especially if you do not have the resources to give them a dignified burial. If you are going through that terrible situation, you simply have questions about things related to deaths, insurance and payments, keep reading this post, because today we will talk about Who pays for the funeral of a deceased if they do not have funeral insurance and do not have money?

Who pays for the funeral of a deceased if they do not have funeral insurance and do not have money?

In these cases, the Law is very clear and gives specific indications on who or who should pay the burial expenses of a deceased person. The Law states that the people who have the obligation to take on these cats are the people who should provide them with food while they are alive, that is, their direct relatives or heirs, although according to the law the only acquitted is this responsibility are the deceased’s siblings.

In case the heirs do not have money to pay the funeral expenses and the deceased has not left anything that can be sold in order to pay the expenses, then and only then the local council will cover the expenses momentarily.

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But then the family will have to pay the City the money granted for the burial, unless the family is in a economic situation high-level precarious, like homelessness. In these cases the City Council assumes the costs and nothing is charged to the immediate family of the deceased, but these are extremely special cases.

What other option do I have to avoid paying funeral expenses?

If you have no way to cover the funeral expenses of a relative, you have at least two options, not very viable, but that can help you avoid these expenses:

elderly people visit cemetery

  • Donate the body to science: this is a good option to avoid expenses, since once a body is donated to science, it is the entity that will receive the body, which will bear the expenses related to the transfer of the body .

The only thing I know about will have to spend is in the transfer to the place of the funeral. On the other hand, this is not a definitive solution because you would still have to spend a certain amount of money, and family members cannot decide to donate a body to science, it is the person in life who decides this. Another drawback is that not all bodies are candidates to be donated to science, since bodies must meet certain characteristics to be received.

  • Ask the City Council for help: there is really no way to avoid spending on a funeral, but they can do it momentarily by taking advantage of the charitable burial programs of the local council.

This way you will have time to get the money from the other side and thus momentarily resolve the situation of the family member’s funeral. Another option you have is to request quick online loans or personal loans so that you can pay for the funeral and then earn extra money based on paying the loan they made you.

Paying for funeral insurance: The best possible option

The best thing you can do now is pay funeral insurance for you and yours, as it is one of the best ways to invest money. Burial insurance is some of the cheapest you could buy and most have rates of monthly payment very flexible and accessible.

Thus, when a painful situation arises such as the death of a loved one, you will not increase your pain and stress by bearing the expenses, because insurance will take care of the expenses of the transfer, flowers, coffin and expenses of the funeral home or funeral home. In this way, by taking out this type of insurance, you will only be able to dedicate yourself to accompanying your loved ones during the mourning of the sad loss.

family people hold coffin cemetery

In conclusion, there may not be a way to avoid the costs of what is necessary for a burial, but what you can do now is to make an effort to take out funeral insurance for you and your family, this will lie in the greatest tranquility possible during those terrible times.

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