Why Apple wants to buy Beats Electronics

There are several unknowns when we talk about a purchase like this. Apple has offered about 3,200 million dollars for the purchase of Beats Electronics, yes, that famous company that distributes the classics Beats by Dre. Now, if we think about it, we will begin to realize things and in part, Beats has something that Apple loves. Instead of saying I love it let’s call it «jealousy«.

Yes, personally I think that is one of the main reasons why Apple wants to materialize the purchase of Beats. Apple has no problem selling quality headphones at exorbitant prices, we are going to think that Apple does not buy Beats for its profits, a company of this magnitude is going to buy projects with a lot of potential or, when it makes purchases of already consolidated brands, it does so for some special reason. Of course, in the US, the Beats brand is today considered by most of the youngest cool Y premium than Apple itself and that’s a problem.

Apple Beats

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It shouldn’t be because they don’t compete in the same market sector but Apple wants to have it all, give its iPhone the best speakers or simply add the Beats certificate so that the young people buy more iPhone of those for sale now. They are somewhat crazy ideas but who knows what he will think there in Cupertino. What I have clear is that, when a company like this gets something into its head, it doesn’t matter what price they have to pay. The certificate could also be integrated into the MacBook, I think it would give it an even more cool.

If we make a bit of history, the Beats brand has achieved, in just 6 years, consolidate itself as a benchmark in the sector and both the BeatsPro Like the Studio They have become good helmets, very good but I would dare to say that they are not the best. In addition to its design and sound, Beats Music It is hitting hard and perhaps that would be another reason for Apple to consider buying the service.

The Apple ecosystem is dying, whatever they say, if it is true that it is still quite solid but if it is true that it has somehow lowered the interest for them. I think a music service in streaming powerful, at a good price and with sufficient quality could be directly associated with iTunes or associated in some way to enjoy the best music in the company of one of the best technology companies of the century, iTunes Radio fails to take off because Jobs never really believed in these services.

And now for another reason apple stock They had been somewhat stagnant and declining for some time. Will the investors have put cane and they will have bought what seemed best to them at that time? It is not the first time that investors have made decisions in a company of such magnitude and who knows, it is not a far-fetched idea at all.


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