Why Are WhatsApp Messages Late or Not Until I Open It?

WhatsApp is one of the most important instant messaging applications in the world, it has millions of users all over the planet and access to the vast majority of countries. It has a system and interface quite simple and functional. as it also has valuable characteristics that make it preferred by many.

Despite having a great internal functioning and being considered one of the applications with the greatest achievements in the communications area, it can present failures both due to a company error, for example with updates as well as due to its own error, or be, defects of our mobile.

Some of the errors that we can count that have arrived and damaged the functioning of WhatsApp are the famous global hits. These affect all those who have the application And even though the company has apologized for these lapses, this usually happens at least once every year.

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While on the other hand there are the errors that can become only the fault of us or the malfunction of our device. One of the most common errors or failures in these cases is the total disappearance of message notifications and late message delivery. One of the cons that this app presents.

These failures are characterized for knowing that you have a large number of messages that have reached you but the WhatsApp app does not tell you, therefore, if we do not open the application we will never know if someone wrote to us. This error has curiously become very viral because it has happened to thousands of people, unfortunately.

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While on the other hand there is one of the more rare but not uncommon mistakes. In case you want to send messages by WhatsApp to any of your contacts but these are not sent despite having a good internet signal, it is a very unlikely failure and this can have different responses.

But why does this happen? Relax, do not worry. Below we will tell you about the most common reasons why these problems happen on WhatsApp, we will also give you some options so that you can solve it. Stay with us and find out all the details about this.

Make sure you have a good internet signal

If one of our most common problems is related to the long time our messages pass to finally be sent, this may be one of the reasons. WhatsApp, like other applications and platforms, works with a minimum specific data index to be able to work with total and complete normality.

Maybe in some cases our internet signal is not the bestTherefore, our messages will take much longer to send due to our respective connection and its quality. If you have a very bad internet signal, it is very likely that no type of multimedia file will be sent either.

Take into account if the phone applications have their notifications turned off

When buying a new mobile device, you probably have a large number of tools and options of which we have not the slightest idea. As it may also already have certain predetermined changes in the configuration and settings of the system, possibly generating the fault or error that occurs.

Therefore, if notifications do not load you as such from WhatsApp, it is likely that you have that option off especially in this app. This is common in some terminals when we download this instant messaging platform for the first time. To fix it we will have to take into account a few steps.

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First we will have to enter to the mobile settings and tools option, then we will select the applications section and we will go to the recently downloaded ones. There we will see WhatsApp, we will click on it and once inside we will change the permissions to activate the notifications.

Is background app data restricted?

To activate this option we will have to go back to the settings, to continue to select the WhatsApp application. Once this is done we will only have to look for the data option in the background, mark it and activate it.

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