Why buy the HUAWEI MateView GT?

It is no secret to anyone that even TVs or monitors now have technology that allows them to exponentially improve their capabilities. In this case, we find models such as the MateView GT, a monitor designed by HUAWEI with ideal specifications for gaming and other hobbies.

Image quality and performance

Being a monitor, the first thing to question is the image performance offered by the MateView GT.

The first thing that catches the eye of this beast 34-inch is 3440 x 1440 full resolution, so you can expect very high quality. While other models on the market offer a moderate aspect ratio, this HUAWEI copy will be able to give you a great viewing experience.

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However, this is not the only factor that determines the tremendous image quality that the MateView GT monitor possesses. Since, this one has a 165Hz refresh rate, more than double what standard monitors usually have, at 60 or 70 Hz.

Of course, when talking about current technology, these rates are more than obsolete, finding others that exceed 100 Hz. But, this copy of HUAWEI offers an ideal image refresh, especially for people who are dedicated to gaming.

Other characteristics that support the performance of the screen are: its ability to display up to 1.07 billion colors and a cinema-type professional color leveling (DCI-P3).


Nice and optimized design

Another of the strong points of the MateView GT and that is easily appreciated is its design, which has a curved shape with the intention of maximizing viewing.

this silhouette allows the user to appreciate much more the details that are shown to the edges, which would otherwise be lost due to the conventional flat shape.

In this sense, the monitor provides a much more rewarding experience when it comes to watching your movies and video games on your PC. That is why this screen is positioned as one of the best options to enhance what is experienced through the monitor and achieve greater dynamism.

Within the same design the entrances are included, two HDMI type connections, a 1.4 DP input and USB-C for power supply.

Quality sound, beyond expectations

If there is something that stands out about the MateView GT monitor, it is that its structure includes a long speaker located at the bottom, attached to the base of the screen.

This element is included to generate a much fuller sound, and provide not only a quality image in HD format, but sound effects of the same nature and performance.

And while this may seem like a small thing to some, for people who need to equate these two factors, it comes in handy. Since, including this feature within the HUAWEI MateView monitor will allow you to save expenses on speakers or other equipment to compensate for the sound.

On the other hand, the speaker built into the monitor has a touch volume control. You just have to drag left or right to adjust the volume level, without the need for buttons that tend to get damaged over time.

In turn, the speaker includes a customizable lighting effect if you ever feel that its appearance is monotonous. It has more than 5 effects luminous, each with a unique sequence and appearance.

But this is just one of the many factors that make the MateView GT one of the great references in monitors of the moment and with the best performance.


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