Why contract a Reseller plan in Evidalia Hosting? Discover our reasons

Multidomain hosting plans or, as they are commonly known, «Reseller plans» are a special type of web hosting plans in which apart from being able to access as a user and manage our website, you can access as a server administrator, having access to all websites hosted on this plan. That is, you will have access as a final client and access as an administrator. Today we want to tell you about why hire a Reseller plan in Evidalia Hosting and, above all, the Advantages of this type of servers compared to conventional web hosting plans.


What is a Multidomain Hosting plan?

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Unlike the web plans, the plans Multidomain Hosting or Reseller plans, allow the server administrator to create clients. Thanks to the management carried out by the Plesk panel, each of these clients will have a unique and independent access to the server. In this way the end user will only be able to see their own domains, websites and email accounts. On the other hand, the user who accesses with the administrator account, will be able to see the content of all his clients hosted on the server and carry out the maintenance or configuration tasks that he needs.

Another difference between the Reseller plans and the standard plans is the management of resources, since admin can allocate resources to his clients; for example, by specifying a disk size, the number of mailboxes, or the maximum capacity of mailboxes. You can do this manually, or you can create templates (service plans) that you can apply to one or more domains, making it easier to apply any changes to domains.

When is it convenient to hire a Hosting Reseller?

Reseller servers are designed to host a large number of domains, so this type of server will be the ideal option if you have many domains or if you are a company and you are going to host the websites of your clients. It will be cheaper to have a single Hosting plan and have all the domains there, than to have a standard plan for each of the domains.

If you are dedicated to web design, digital marketing or your company is related to the world of the Internet and you have to host the websites of your clients, a Hosting Reseller will be the best option, since as we have mentioned before, you will be able to access as an administrator and manage the pages of your clients as well as the resources.

Advantages of hiring your Multidomain server at Evidalia Hosting

Like many other Hosting providers, at Evidalia they have Reseller servers. On the page dedicated to these servers you will find 4 options, depending on the number of domains you want to host (10, 20, 50 or unlimited domains).


Especially noteworthy is the promotion for new domains you register. If you have a Reseller plan, You have a 2 euro discount on each of the domains you hire for your Reseller. Another interesting option is that at no time will you see the data of this provider: you contract the server and resell the space to your clients. Evidalia will bill you and your clients, since they really are your clients and not Evidalia’s.

All your multidomain servers have the option to generate SSL certificates for free, SSD disk and the most used applications such as wordpress, PrestaShop, Joomla or Drupal already pre-installed, so that with a few clicks of the mouse you have your website up and running without the need for complicated installations.

You also have a website builder called site builder, which allows you to create your website from scratch simply by dragging the elements.


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