Why do my Instagram Stories look bad or Pixelated?

Instagram is considered the best platform to upload our photos and videos. This application is used by many users, who when uploading a photo in their story, have observed that their images have very poor quality or look pixelated, so you might wonder Why do my Instagram stories look bad or pixelated?; this is a somewhat frequent problem, which usually occurs on multiple devices.

This application it is very useful to publish our content, allowing you to download it from your PC. To improve the appearance of the stories, you will not have to do difficult procedures; That is why we will show you the correct way to do it and why this problem happens, when uploading our photos or videos.

Why do my Instagram Stories look poor or pixelated?

This application is widely used by many users in the world, which is not only for entertaining, it also allows you to improve your business, since the public will be able to see your photos with the products you sell.

Currently Instagram offers an option which has managed to attract many users, which are Instagram stories, these are very striking, managing to notify your followers of the necessary information for 24 hours, in it you can upload photos and videos from the gallery of your cellphone. But in some cases when mounting any of these photos, they do not have a good quality.

Stories are often pixelated, because Instagram offers 640×640 pixels, which is a fairly small resolution that is demonstrated when creating a story, this problem also usually occurs due to the connection you have to the internet that makes the image not upload correctly.

instagram stories look bad

This becomes somewhat annoying, because many of them try hard to create great content for their audience and they may want to save or download one of these photos, which will cause it to be of poor quality in the eyes of others.

How to improve the quality of your Instagram stories so they don’t get pixelated?

To ensure that this problem does not happen again You will have to do the following: Check your internet connection, this is very necessary because if your connection is not good, it will cause the image to take a long time to load and process, achieving poor quality or not uploading; Also, if you record a video with a bad connection, it will instantly look pixelated.

Do not use the camera that Instagram offers to create your stories, it is best not to use it, since its compression is so great that it causes the photo to decrease its quality. To prevent this, use the default camera that comes with our cell phone, with it you can take better photos that look professional. By taking them you will be able to upload them and observe that they are not pixelated.

You can also use an option offered by this application, which is ‘Instagram mode for Samsung Galaxy’. If you have one of these cell phones, you can use this mode, which is integrated into the camera, which you can see on the left, when uploading it with this option it will have better quality.

Try not to zoom in on photos uploaded horizontally. When you place the photo you want to publish in your story, we zoom in on it but this will cause the image looks pixelated because it compresses them. Try to upload it in its original way.

Other ways to improve the quality of your Instagram stories

On the other hand you can also try not to crop the photos in the application, it is best to fix it with an editor before uploading it, also try to raise it vertically, this will improve the appearance of your stories.

Why do my stories get pixelated or look bad?

You can also lower the resolution of your images, this is very common on Instagram; being one of the main reasons for the low quality. Try lowering the resolution to 10 or 12 mega pixelsIn doing so, you will see that the quality will improve a lot.

If you follow these tips, your posts in the stories will be the best and will not look pixelated or with low quality again. As extra dataTry not to place the filters that the stories bring, since some of them will look bad in your images.

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