Why do sparks occur when I plug an appliance into the socket?

Sometimes when we get ready to plugging in certain electronics sparks fly of the plug itself, however, it is not a question of the plug but of the device that we plug in, since it only happens with some of these.

Why do you see sparks when you plug something in?

This is something that happens often and you don’t have to consider changing the plug, but have some caution when connecting certain devices. This phenomenon is due to the fact that certain devices and power supplies (especially switched ones) demand current As soon as the device is plugged in and when we are connecting the device, sparks jump on the first contact because the current demand already exists. This practice is not dangerous, but over time plugs and cables wear out if there are many sparks.

In short, you see sparks for something as simple as this: you are connecting a device to the plug, which demand power without the possibility of connecting it off and then turn it on. That’s why it doesn’t usually happen when you connect a TV, etc. But it does happen a lot with mobile chargers, for example, that you plug them in and a lot of sparks come out (especially with the fast chargers that exist today).

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How to avoid sparks or sparks when you plug something into a socket?

To avoid sparks when plugging in, you must make sure that the device you are going to connect to the electrical network is turned off, that is, that its ignition switch is in the OFF position (0). Sometimes this is impossible with some chargers, for example, since by default they start charging even without devices connected.

It occurred to me to mention it because most external hard drives that are connected to the mains do not have an ON/OFF switch and if you get sparks when you plug them in, you do not have to worry. It is not a problem nor will anything happen to you, but here we explain why this occurs.

It is also true that if the ground is well connected (the installation in general), these sparks can be dissipated and you may not be able to see them, but even with the ground well connected it is quite normal that you can see sparks when connecting an appliance to a socket. Don’t be scared, because it’s not serious. What is serious is when these sparks come from things that demand a lot of power, then the sparks can be enormous and even dangerous.


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