Why does Free Fire stay on ‘Waiting for Players’ or ‘Starting’ and not Start? – Solution

Free Fire is a unique game for mobile devices of the type Battle royale which has been available since 2017. It was the multiplayer game with the most downloads in all of 2019, reflecting its success on platforms.

Despite its great impact on the gaming community, at times it features a failure to load. This makes it impossible to enter, which represents a great annoyance, which many believe has no solution. On See how it’s done We explain the solutions of the loading moments that do not advance in Free Fire.

Solution to loading moments without starting in Free Fire

Like any game that needs an online connection to work, the most common reason is a glitch in the internet. It is important that you have a good quality connection so that the game can work without any lag.

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One way to know if the problem is the Internet is by closing the game and test connection with an app. You can do it by reloading the Home page of a social network or searching for something with the device’s browser.

If the search or the app does not load, then the problem is the Internet and you must solve it to play. In case it is browsing data, make sure your plan is active and you have not consumed it.

It is also important that you check that you are in an area where you have enough telephone coverage for your service operator. Finally, it is important to check that the service is of quality to be able to play multiplayer games online without any inconvenience.

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In case it’s a WiFi connectionCheck your router to see if it is working properly. For some cases, the problem may be your device’s connection to the router, so disable and enable it.

You can also try turning the router off and on, which in many cases works just by restarting the connection completely. If you have other devices and they don’t work either, it’s a more complex problem with your service provider, which you should contact.

If it is not a connection problem, you can try closing and opening the Free Fire or uninstall and install it again. This can also fix the problem, correcting errors and bugs that were within the app files.

Keep in mind that the game and the device must be compatible for the first to run without any problem.

Other very important in-game features of Free Fire

One of the most relevant interests of Free Fire players is the topic of clothes or skins. These serve to make your character stand out from the rest, according to your taste and the theme you prefer.

It is possible to get all the skins or clothes for free in Free Fire without having to use diamonds to achieve it. When you get a skin in this game, you can have a lot of style and make your character look very unique.

As we said earlier, to prevent glitches from occurring during gameplay, it is imperative ensure compatibility complete with device. For this, you have to know about the minimum requirements for the devices where the game is going to be played.

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The elements of hardware and software Basic that the game requests are very important for its operation on the device. Among these we can highlight the graphics, the Internet connection, the memory capacity and the speed of the processor used.

Another important point of great interest for players is the time of Free Fire’s happy hour. It’s about a game special event that allows players to have extra rewards when playing on it.

The happy hour on Free Fire helps many players to advance faster in the game and grow more. If you are a fanatic player of this game, it is important that you know how often this event is held to play it.

On See how it’s done We have many other articles related to your favorite games and their most important details. You can consult our page to learn more useful things about them and to solve many quite frequent problems.

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