Why does Mercado Libre reject my Card or my payment? Mercado Libre payment problems solution

Why does Mercado Libre reject my Card or my payment

Mercado Libre is a company of great trajectory since 1999, well known in many countries, especially the nations of Latin America. Among the countries that have this platform are Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, among others. This electronic marketing platform is from Argentina, it should be noted that its founder Marcos Galperín is an Argentine businessman.

What is it about Mercado Libre, is a company where many people buy and sell Online, if you want to sell through Mercado Libre, also if it is already registered you can multiple functions update stock or delete history and others.

To publish through Mercado Libre, do it according to the option that corresponds to you, since there are for: Products, Vehicles, Properties, Services. Now, we all want to buy safely, and to know its history in Mercado Libre we must verify the reputation of the seller.

That said, the reputation must be supported by the experience it offers us. the seller, us buyers. Free market it measures reputation through colors and when it is green, it is because it is more reliable. It is important to note that free market gives you the option of tracking your purchase or sale in a simple way.

When it is in green it is because the seller has almost no complaints, and delivers their products on time, the seller has to strive to deliver their product on time, this delivery should not exceed 24 hours.

free market you can sell and buy a large number of products

The sale of vehicles has a route used for this, and it is through the website that it refers to the sale of cars, and the sale of real estate also has another route, and it is through the website that it is real estate . Just as we must know the steps to sell, publish in the free market, we have to take the time to know how to buy.

All this being said, Mercado Libre has problems with some cards and with the payment and this leads to wanting to solve it. For this reason, we wonder why Mercado Libre rejects my card or my payment? Mercado Libre payment problem solution.

There are several reasons why Mercado Libre rejects your card or your payment and some of them are these.

  • Every web page renews security measures, and perhaps that is the case when Mercado Libre updates it.
  • Sometimes there is a rejection of the card or payment, it is the lack of some information, be it personal or financial.
  • On the other hand, there are credit cards that are incompatible with the Mercado Libre or Mercado Pago platformAnother reason is that you may not have updated the amounts on your credit card or debit card.
  • It could also be that the plastic of your card, whether credit or debit, has expired. it could be due to a mistake in the verification number of the credit card or debit card.
  • Perhaps the permissions of the Mercado Libre platform are not activated and the information is not properly filled or loaded either.

free market presents errors in some occasions in the payment

These are some of the solutions that are given to you when Mercado Libre rejects your card or your payment.

  • To make purchases through the Free Market platform, you must absolutely make a confirmation of identity.
  • You must correct and place your identity card number, bank account, age, date of birth, among others, correctly.
  • You must use cards that are compatible with the Mercado Libre and Mercado Pago platforms or ask for a special authorization.
  • You should also update the amounts of the transactions you make with credit cards or debit cards.
  • In a period of seven days, you must enter your Google Play profile and renew payment detailsIf the error is in the verification code, check again what number it is and enter it again.
  • You must check your account settings and make sure that the permissions are activated and the information fully loaded.
  • Change your payment method, enter the email where the notifications arrive and press the correct payment method button, despite being an international free market company, it sticks to the needs and interests of its customers

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