Why does my Android Cell phone turn itself off and on all the time? – Solution (Example)

In these times it is well known that the mobile is more than for calls and text messages; it is a tool that accompanies in all areas of life to its users from work to entertainment.

The most extensive and competitive market is undoubtedly owned by Android and it is due to the many manufacturers who decide to use Android in their devices bringing to the table a diversity of prices that vary from an affordable phone to the premium range with higher quality materials and components, and above all it stands out for the customization of themes and more.

However, mobiles can suffer damage or breakdowns at any time, such as the “application not installed” error or the error when logging in with my Google account. That said, today we will focus on knowing why my Android cell phone turns off and on by itself, this failure is known as a reboot loop or ‘boot – loop’ but Despite being very annoying, many times it has a solution.

Why is it that my Android cell phone turns itself off and on?

An Android cell phone turns off and on only basically when there is an error where the device tries to start and at the moment it is not able to complete the process, therefore it tries to start again and again. Failure may occur due to a failed system update or maybe some corrupt file located in the internal storage of the device.

Solves continuous reboot

In case your Android cell phone turns off and on by itself you should not worry, since it is possible that it has a solution, although you may lose some information, it is the payment to solve the failure.

Start in safe mode

As in other operating systems, Android also has a safe mode in which it loads only the functions necessary for the basic operation of the device. To enter safe mode the device is not required to be switched on, the same being off starts in safe mode according to the combination of buttons that we use when turning it on.

mobile in hand safe mode

When you turn on the mobile you proceed normally but when the manufacturer’s brand appears you must press the volume down button and so you will be entering safe mode.

Another very common combination in manufacturers such as Motorola is that during the start of the phone you must press and hold the two volume buttons at the same time. Or in case you have a Samsung device with a physical menu button, you must press them while the cell phone starts.

Leave your phone like new

If you tried with the previous method and maybe even your Android cell phone turns off and on, you can only try another option, although more extreme, since you would lose all the data on the phone, this option is reset phone to like new. This can be done from the recovery of your phone.

To access the recovery it is as simple as pressing, with the phone off, the power button and the volume button down at the same time, although in some cases it usually varies, being on and volume button up.

factory reset mobile

Once you enter the recorevy you must search and select the Wipe data and cache option and then select Reset System Setting. The device must be factory reset as new. You must bear in mind that to move within the recovery you use the volume buttons and to select the power button.

Go to your trusted technician!

If you do not want to intervene yourself in the solution of your mobile or because you have already exhausted the options and your Android cell phone turns off and on by itself still, you can always go to a professional which has the knowledge and tools necessary to give you a diagnosis and solution to your problem.

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