Why Does My Cell Phone Screen Have Black Spots Inside? – Solution

Smartphones are a fundamental part of our lives. It is one of the most used devices in recent times.

And as? If it keeps extraordinary characteristics and helps to do everything in record time. However, have you noticed something weird lately …Why does my cell phone screen have black spots on the inside??

You will get all the information here! This does not necessarily have to be catastrophic news. So, stay calm and find out in the following paragraphs what you should do. In the end, I assure you that you will be certain if you can fix it by yourself or take it to a technician.

Reasons why a Smartphone can fail

Unfortunately, mobile devices they don’t last a lifetime. Some can last more or less time, but everything will depend on the use you are giving it. A well cared for phone can have a really long life span.

phone good condition

However, each of the pieces that make up this extraordinary device wears out. Time does not pass in vain, does it? That is why, periodically, it is advisable to carry out some type of maintenance.

Another aspect to take into account, beyond how careful a Smartphone can be, the software will fail. Especially today, where technology implements variants very frequently. All this causes the phone to fail from one moment to the next.

Black spots on the screen

One of the best things you can do with your Smartphone is to place a screen protector without leaving bubbles. Let’s face it, we all have our time of the purest, simplest and most incredible awkwardness.

What’s more, in times of pandemic, a protector is providential. Due to the times that the cell phone is disinfected from the outside against bacteria without damaging it. Definitely, in this sense, a screen protector is fair and necessary.

The reasons

Now, despite all possible protection, I have noticed that my cell phone screen has black spots. Why? ¿Why do these stains appear despite the protection and all the care??

There is not a long list of reasons for this kind of unpleasant and exasperating situation … thankfully. If the screen of my cell phone has black spots, it has been because:

  • Some capsule or component that integrates the phone screen has been broken. Capsules found in this area contain ink that enhances the color of the screen. When one breaks, it is normal for black or colored spots to begin to appear.
  • The screen has suffered much more physical damage than the capsules. It is more common than you think that processors or pins in that area are burned. Causing, of course, the appearance of these undesirable spots.

Whatever the reason, the appearance of the spots This is usually because the phone has been hit hard. Also, as is often the case, could have gotten wet And the humidity has caused this whole situation.

How to fix the problem of smudges on my phone screen?

For every situation, there is a solution. One way to check if the fact that my cell phone screen has black spots is by cleaning it. For it, you need distilled water and a handkerchief.

Moistening the handkerchief a little with the water and passing it over the screen of the Smartphone could make the stain disappear. If the cause was humidity, try running a hair dryer over the screen. In both cases, remember to keep the device off.

phone stain solution

Now, if despite this the stain does not go away, then the problem is physical. Therefore, the best solution is to take it to a specialized technician as soon as possible. These problems tend to expand over time. They can cause problems that will make you ask: why doesn’t my cell phone screen automatically rotate?

The decision is in your hands

An entire experience is traumatic, right? For example, when the mobile falls and does not show an image, but fortunately, a good technician knows how to solve this problem. Do not hesitate too much, if you are not sure what to do,take your phone to a technician!

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