Why does my Mobile Vibrate but it does not turn on or charge? – Solution

Why does my Mobile Vibrate but it does not turn

Fix the problem of my mobile that does not charge or turn on, is one of the most annoying things that exist. Smartphones have long been one of the most important tools out there.

The fact of having problems with mobile phones is very uncomfortable, because nobody would like to be in the middle of a situation like that, since, it would mean having to buy a new one.

Many times other inconveniences occur, such as: the phone restarts every so often, this does not mean that the mobile has to be replaced, taking it to the technician could solve the problem.

Effective solution to the problem of my phone that does not turn on or charge, only vibrates

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Solving the problem of my mobile that does not charge or turn on is quite worrying, especially when it does absolutely nothing. To solve the problem, we must take into account certain aspects. For example: be sure the phone has not been ‘Rooted’.

Sometimes when ‘Root’ is done on a smartphone and the process has an error, or is not done properly, it can create inconvenience with the ‘Software’, which often causes the problem in question.

A quick way to solve it, is through the recovery system that smartphones bring, especially Android, to enter it, the phone must be turned off and the keys must be pressed at the same time: volume down + power button.

A kind of menu will be displayed, with the volume down key we reach the ‘Factory reset’ option, which will be selected with the power key, then we select the option ‘Yes’.

My mobile vibrates but it does not turn on or charge, solution

Then with the power key we confirm, from there it will be started a process of reinstalling ‘Software’, which will leave the mobile as factory wine, at the system level.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a root user – Super user permission

If solving the problem of my mobile that does not charge or turn on, it turned out to be quite atypical and annoying, maybe you would like to change the subject and know the advantages and disadvantages of being a ‘root’ user, this is a process that provides certain privileges.

The ‘Super User’ or ‘Root’ permissions They grant Android smartphone users the option to access root permissions that are not available when not ‘Root’.

These permissions allow to carry out certain types of advanced configurations, which are used primarily for connoisseurs in the area of ​​’Android OS’, or to grant permissions to external applications.

However, special care must be taken, because some phones have drawbacks, one of the most common is that the Android mobile stays on the logo and never turns on. It happens when the steps were not executed to the letter, or when an unexpected error arises.

However, sometimes the process is completed successfully and, even so, there may be some problem in the phone’s operating system, as not all are designed to withstand all of these modifications.

How to avoid having system problems on my Android phone?

Solving the problem of my mobile that does not charge or turn on, may or may not have a solution, it all depends on the symptoms. In order to avoid those rants, It is advisable to be very careful, especially when we do not know the capabilities of the smartphone.

iphone does not charge or turn on but vibrates

There are times when it is unknown if the mobile can withstand high consumption demands, either at the memory level or data processing. On that intervenes the architecture processor, therefore, you must know if the phone is 32 ‘Bits’ or 64 ‘Bits’.

If the phone is 64 ‘Bits’ the memory management capacity ‘RAM’ will be faster and, therefore, it will be more fluid, on the contrary, if the phone is 32 ‘Bits’ the ‘RAM’ memory manageability will be less fast and will of course be less fluent.

However, that does not mean that a phone is bad, since it all depends on the user’s requirement, if it does not require excessive consumption at the application level, the phone will not present problems. Now, if the user demands a very high number of applications, if you will have to use a 64 ‘Bit’ one.

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